Interest type

My interest type is the designer.

Being a designer means that whatever I create would be imaginative but also have a purpose. I am comfortable working in uncertain conditions and can be quite independent. Designers have a knack for working with materials, tools and machines. They are always helping with something that is broken and love having hands on work. When designers create something they don’t usually have someone in mind but it will always make people happy.


My interest traits are 63% artistic and 52% realistic. Being artistic means that designers like it if there is always some squiggle room to do what they want with the design. Realistic means that We like focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines. Many realistic occupations require working outside. The jobs usually don’t involve much paperwork or working with others closely.


The three tests I took were Stone cutter, Architect and landscape architect. Being a stone cutter sounds cool and it was a 82% match and it would actually be a job that I would do if I was good at it. An architect would be cool to but I only matched for 73% but being able to do design things would be fun because you can use your own ideas to make it. Being a landscape architect wouldn’t be as much fun and thats why i only matched 61% because I don’t see it being that much fun except it could look cool.


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