Knowledge style

My knowledge style is computers:

My main knowledge style is computers but my second is language and third is business. Computers sound like it would be fun because working with tech is cool because when you get good at it you can create a lot of things that are in your interests for other people who also may like them. You could also create video games and get paid to do it if you work at a tech company. If I got paid to make games that other people would play I would do it because it would be a fun job and you get to do things that are fun and still get paid.


Languages could be cool too if you can learn it because you could surprise a lot of people by speaking a language that they think you wouldn’t know. You could also travel lots of places and not have any trouble speaking to people or asking for directions. If you knew how to speak Chinese you could go to a Chinese restaurant  and order your food in that language and they would be surprised and proud of you. My third knowledge style is business. This would be cool because when you are in business you can sell people things and maybe even design them yourself and then sell them. If you had your own business you could sell your own product that you love to other people so hopefully they would love it.


My three occupations that were listed at the bottom were Arts, Audio Video Technology and Communications. Arts would be ok but I’m not really the artistic type, sometimes if I have the chance I would make some art but that is not very often because there is not much art in school that you learn. Audio and video technology would be cool but only the video part of it. I don’t really like audio or listening to things to learn about it so I would just make the video part of the technology for other people to watch. Communications wouldn’t be the greatest either and I would not want to pursue it as my job. I like talking to people but not if it was for my job.



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