My motivation style

I would like to make a lasting impact that would help people in the long run because if you make something that is only good to some people then it won’t last very long because only some people would want to buy it or use it or actually enjoy it. Being independent can be good and bad at the same time because sometimes you want to be independent when you’re working on something. So you feel that you can do things by yourself, but other times you would want people to be with you because you can’t do everything by yourself. You will always make mistakes but in a group you can work those out. 


My two main motivation factors are Recognition and independence. Recognition is the main one and I agree with this one because once in a while people like being acknowledged for something that they did well. Even if it was just something small people can still be really proud of it and it makes them happy when someone tells them they did good. My other motivation is independence. Although I really like working with people, sometimes you need to have some of your own time to try a project and see if you can do it by yourself.


Being independent can prove to yourself  that you can do things alone and don’t always need other people to help you out. Having good independence can help you later in life because you mostly will be in a stage where you are working by yourself. So there would not be many people to help you because they have their own things to do. I wouldn’t like the independence life for too long because it would get boring not being able to talk to people. 


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