Glowforge Bitmoji Coaster

4″x4″ x 1/8″(3mm) wood squares.


bimoji logo

“Unkown Material” settings:

“I start with Precision Power at 40 (vs 50-60)”

“I always suggest starting very conservative with a lower setting because you can always run the engraving again and take away more material, but you can’t put it back.”


Add a text box caption:

15 minutes later:



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Glowforge Pro Setup



Here is an unboxing video:




For engraving, you need to make sure the picture is set up to translate successfully into a laser etching. This won’t be a problem for simple logos and symbols, but if you want to make etchings with photos you’ll need to do some image editing in an app such as GIMP,, or Adobe Photoshop. Glowforge’s website offers a few guides to preparing photos, but basically you want to convert your image to black and white, sharpen it, and adjust levels to bring the histogram toward the middle.

From the Glowforge Forum:

Still working on getting the settings right, so it cuts the wood, but doesn’t set it on fire.


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WebCam Test

As the world shifts to WebCams, it may be useful to know the framerate or resolution your camera supports.

I found in a closet box of old tech a 10-year-old Logitech cam. I plugged in via USB and low and behold it actually has better resolution than the front-facing camera on my 2019 iPad.

I just thought I would share that tidbit.

WebCam Test

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