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Students Photoblog Alberta Aquatic Ecosystems

The intent is to build a database of information on the aquatic ecosystems of Alberta. Opportunities should be made available for this information to be expanded, updated and refined by other school groups over time.

Your task is to:

  • identify at least five abiotic factors that are crucial to an
    aquatic environment
  • create a photoblog documenting your findings.
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Students hold local officials accountable


In a group of two or three students, research the annual budget for your town, city or municipal district (or a single project, initiative or department). This information may be on an Internet web site or available in a print form from your municipal district, town or city office.

Determine the categories used to identify expenses, as well as the amount spent in each area. Enter the collected data into a spreadsheet, and produce an appropriate graph to represent the per cent of expenses allocated to each category.

Electronically, prepare a brochure for taxpayers, outlining the budget categories and expenses.

This brochure should contain a description of the categories, the table of data collected and the graph of the distribution of expenses.

Where possible compare final data to proposed data.

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Blog: Online News Bias

Online News Bias

Study perspectives and biases of different online news sources. Examine a current news event of international interest as it is portrayed in several internet news sources. Read from local, national and international perspectives and from sites with recognized biases or focuses. Identify and discuss the purpose and usefulness of the information sources relevant to the particular inquiry or research. Evaluate how perspectives and biases influence the choice of information sources for inquiry or research. Link to photo/audio/video sources where available. Publish your report in a blog.

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Poetry Performers Produce Podcasts Proficiently

Poetry Study

As your contribution to an anthology of poetry, choose one poem from the poetry that you have written this year.

Prepare a presentation that will include the following:

  • the text of the original poem
  • an explanation of the poem
  • your reading of the poem
  • a visual that will connect to and enhance the meaning of
    your poem.

Use Adobe CS3 software in developing your performance.

Incorporate appropriate audio and visual information to enhance your presentation; e.g., you might include musical background to a taped reading of the poem.

Make this presentation in the classroom setting, but also share it more widely, by transferring it to an online anthology database.

The presentation is to be shared with the class, using multimedia presentation software.

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Personal understanding of symbol

Explore your personal understanding of symbol.

Explore your personal understanding of symbol. Select one symbol from a particular piece of literature that you have studied this term. Plan a presentation—audio, video, animation, photo blog—in which you teach the concept and your understanding of that particular symbol.

Your presentation may include some or all of the following:

  • placing the symbol within the context of the literature chosen
  • identification of how that symbol is developed
  • your assessment of the effectiveness of that symbol in conveying meaning.

Use presentation software in developing your project.

Incorporate appropriate audio, video, animation elements to enhance your presentation.

Make this presentation in the classroom setting, but also share it more widely, by transferring it to an online medium.

Your presentation is to contribute to a pool of information on symbol.

This task is designed as a cumulative task toward the end of the term. Students are expected to draw from literature studied during the term. This task could be completed as an individual or group activity. It deals with the concept of symbol, but other literary concepts might be appropriate.

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Literature In the News

Literature Study published as a Newpaper

As part of a literature study unit, work in small groups to create a newspaper that reflects the time period and the language used in a particular work. Your newspaper or magazine should address some of the issues that emerge from the particular literature that you are studying. These issues may include a historical/cultural contextualization, exploration of character motivations and actions, themes that the story develops, or any other issues relevant to the literature.

Visual layout should resemble that of actual newspapers, now or in the past. Photographs or other graphics(original/recreated) should be incorporated as appropriate.

Articles in the newspaper should include both factual and interpretive information. National and local news stories, editorials, letters and even advertisements, where appropriate, may constitute the text of your publication.

Revise and edit your work carefully for public sharing.

Be prepared to present your newspaper electronically as well as in print format. You may use the presentation software of your choice. As well, you may choose to create a video or multimedia presentation that adds aural elements to your product.

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All the World’s a Stage: Fair and Foul Media


As a culminating activity to the study of MacBeth, prepare an effective presentation for your classmates. The presentation will incorporate multiple-media forms, such as printed text, still visual, and video and audio recording, from a variety of sources. The purpose of this task is to demonstrate how the use of multimedia technology can enhance a modern audience’s appreciation of a 16th century drama. Remain true to the artistic integrity of the work. In an oral presentation, explain why you chose to use the particular forms you did and whether or not you achieved the purposes you intended.

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Digitally Enhanced Membership: A UN Poster

Canada belongs to a number of international organizations, one of which is the United Nations (UN). The UN provides a forum for the nations of the world to work cooperatively with one another.

Create a one-page digitally designed poster that outlines the membership and purpose of the following:

  • General Assembly
  • Security Council
  • Secretariat.
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“Hot ’nuff Fer Ya”

Compare weather forecasts to observe weather phenomena

The maintenance of meticulous weather records over very long periods of time has given meteorologists and climate researchers the tools to monitor global climate changes.

Researchers in all the scientific disciplines have known for some time that relationships between different sets of data often are only apparent when the data are compared in graphical form. The first signs of a greenhouse effect may appear in our long-term weather patterns.

Using Internet weather reports, create a spreadsheet of local weather forecasts for your region for a period of at least one calendar month; e.g., daily high and low temperatures, air pressure if reported, and precipitation. Compare the forecasts to actual reported weather conditions for those days. Document the effect of the weather phenomena each day with 3-5 carefully composed photographs.

In a digitally designed document that reports your investigation, incorporate:

  • an effectively presented data table
  • a spreadsheet with formulae for monthly averages of all
    the observations
  • a representation of all the observations in the form of a single graph, made either directly from the spreadsheet or through combining separate graphs.
  • select 3-5 carefully composed photographs
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Organelles in Motion

Students make a flash animation illustrating distinguishing features of their assigned organelle(s).

Using a variety of electronic resources, research, and storyboard accurate information about your assigned organelle(s), citing your sources. Select one or more distinguishing features to animate. In your animation, at least one micrograph should be included. Include a written summary.

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