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Present a Text in Multimedia


  • create original texts to communicate ideas

Working in small groups, research a poem(novel, story, drama) using electronic and print sources. Choose a narrative poem, such as Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott; a ballad, such as Keats’ La Belle Dame Sans Merci; a dramatic monologue, such as Browning’s My Last Duchess; or any other poem that lends itself to research that can be developed into an appropriate presentation.

Blend text, images, music, and sounds in an original presentation, animation, or short film that conveys the poetic elements in an effective multimedia form.

Literature In the News

Literature Study published as a Newpaper

As part of a literature study unit, work in small groups to create a newspaper that reflects the time period and the language used in a particular work. Your newspaper or magazine should address some of the issues that emerge from the particular literature that you are studying. These issues may include a historical/cultural contextualization, exploration of character motivations and actions, themes that the story develops, or any other issues relevant to the literature.

Visual layout should resemble that of actual newspapers, now or in the past. Photographs or other graphics(original/recreated) should be incorporated as appropriate.

Articles in the newspaper should include both factual and interpretive information. National and local news stories, editorials, letters and even advertisements, where appropriate, may constitute the text of your publication.

Revise and edit your work carefully for public sharing.

Be prepared to present your newspaper electronically as well as in print format. You may use the presentation software of your choice. As well, you may choose to create a video or multimedia presentation that adds aural elements to your product.