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Present a Text in Multimedia


  • create original texts to communicate ideas

Working in small groups, research a poem(novel, story, drama) using electronic and print sources. Choose a narrative poem, such as Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott; a ballad, such as Keats’ La Belle Dame Sans Merci; a dramatic monologue, such as Browning’s My Last Duchess; or any other poem that lends itself to research that can be developed into an appropriate presentation.

Blend text, images, music, and sounds in an original presentation, animation, or short film that conveys the poetic elements in an effective multimedia form.

A Cultural Study of A Canadian Writer


  • consider various ideas, evidence, and viewpoints to expand understanding of texts, others, and self
  • discuss ways in which texts convey and challenge individual and community values, and behaviours

Study the influence that early cultural experience has on well-known Canadian writers, such as Michael Ondaatje, Timothy Findley, Margaret Laurence, and Margaret Atwood. As part of your research, electronically contact, where possible, Canadian writers of varied cultural backgrounds to discuss how their background affects their work.

Use primary sources to conduct online discussions, where possible, or read autobiographies. Use secondary sources, such as biographies or interviews, to gain more information.

Write a script for an audio podcast using the information gathered. If online discussions were possible, include the text of the discussions as an appendix.