Afrika Road Creative assignment

There are many playgrounds with slides but many are not like me, The unwanted slide. Children play on me and they are not like any other children that I have heard of. They rarely smile and they can not stand coming to school even though they have to stay here they grow up. I wish that these kids were like normal little kids playing on slides that aren’t me, not worrying about anything in the world. I never even seen one of these parents and the children doesn’t seem to want to play at all.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a different slide. Would everyone want to play with or would I just be forgotten like I am now. Would I see children smiling ,laughing, playing or would they be their miserable selves. People beating them up for being themselves. I really hope that one day they will find happiness and peace.

I want to be a different slide or at least change these kids. I wish the kids could hear me say that I will make them happy. I will make them happy one day but for now I will remain the unwanted slide.

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