English Final

It is no lie that pain and pride can be found anywhere. Pain and pride is everywhere in people’s lives even when people don’t notice it. Pain and pride will always be feelings that people have to deal with. Pain and pride is be found in many books that people read. The Veldt, Barney, and The Friday that Everything has changed.

In the Veldt by Ray Bradbury George and Lydia found pride in buying a nursery for their kids. “Nothing is too good for our kids,” the parents stated. The parents are proud of their house that they have because the house does everything for them. The story can be related to the reality that is happening in society today. Now everyone wants to find happiness and support with  a non-living object. People are looking for happiness in non-living objects because objects can not judge or betray people. People only let go of the objects because a company comes out with a project that better than what they already have. Society wants people to believe that if a label has new and improved that it is better than it was before. In reality it is the same thing that they used for centuries. People are proud to buy it because they think it will make them a better person. People are proud to use technology because social media gives people an opportunity to post about there successes. The pain with sharing successfulness is that people will feel left out or sad if they didn’t get the same rewards. The pain in the Veldt is that the parents think that a house can raise their children for them. The pain in real life is that people only care about non-living objects. People are to attached to objects that aren’t living that they don’t pay attention to the real people who has feelings. Individuals depend on technology too much. It is painful to see that when people are walking somewheres most of them probably has a phone in their hand. The thing that is painful is that people rely on their phones and we would probably not be able to live without technology.

But nothing’s too good for our children,” George had said.

The pain that is shown in the story Barney is that scientist wants to make Barney better and smarter. This is painful because he is doing experiments on a mouse that can not help himself. The mouse is helpless and can not get out of the scientist’s experiment. The scientist doesn’t know that he made Barney smarter by letting Barney read books. Barney figures out how to write and kills the scientist. The pain in real life is that people often underestimate us. They think that we aren’t good enough to do anything. Most people does not believe in something until they see it for themselves. The pride that is shown in the story is that Barney wrote in the scientist’s journal even though the scientist thought that Barney was not smart enough to do so. Barney proved the scientist wrong by murdering the scientist. Barney murdering the scientist is related to both pain and pride. Barney learning how to write is the pride in the story because he proved the scientist wrong. The scientist knew that Barney could read but he didn’t know that he was able to write or pick up a pen. The pain or tragedy of Barney is that Barney wanted some rats at the end of the story. Barney wanting rats is painful is because we all have the fear of being alone. The question is that are we all actually alone when we are by ourselves? There might be someone or something in the sky watching our every move.

The Veldt and Barney are two very similar stories but they are also different at the same time. Both stories have pain and pride. Both stories show that people have the fear of being alone. Barney connects to how people can not live without people. Where the veldt connects to how people can not live with out technology. These two stories are good with showing human behavior and how people connect to living and non-living objects. This is why people can connect to these two stories because they both have feelings that people deal with everyday.  

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