Wild Horses

My twin sister and I are always together for everything. She follows me around all the time at school. She always wants to try to get me into trouble. Like that time she convinced me to pretend that our brother was a horse he still hates us for doing that to him. He will never let us live it down. I have said sorry to him about a million times but nothing ever works. He is so stubborn just like my twin sister I think that it would be better if they were twins and I didn’t have a twin at all.

My sister and I have always loved horses ever since we were little girls. That is why we played horse with our little brother. We loved watching horse movies such as Black Beauty. We didn’t live on a farm so we couldn’t play with real horses that is why our brother was the next best thing.

One day we spotted two stallions on the way to school, our brother was happy that we dumped him for the two horses. The two horses were tall, beautiful and they both had really nice hair. We were both happy to play with two very real horses. My twin and I would agree that the two horses are better at playing horse than our brother is that is for sure.

Our horses came over again they always come over to play with us now. We have so much fun chasing each other outside around the yard. We found out that that the two horses are twins too my sister and I were both very happy about that news.

The more I hang out with those two horses the more I realize that I really love horses. I want to play horse for the rest of my life because it is really fun and my sister will definitely agree with me.

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