Here are all the things I did to make my t-shirt design.

Step one I found an image and a background.  I used a flamingo and a colourful background.

I hit file import and chose my flamingo and it was in the middle of the page

I then hit path trace bitmap and used brightness cutoff and hit ok.

I then had a black image.  I hit object fill and stroke.  I hit the X on fill and on stroke I tuned the first and third colour bar all the way up

I then duplicated the pink flamingo for the cutline later.  I then imported my background to the image.

I hit the Flamingo outline hit object raise to top so my flamingo was on top.

I then hit object clip set and had this image.

I then moved my duplicated flamingo outline on top of my picture being a cutline and then I  hit save and sent it to Mr. Sader


Mr. Sader did a whole bunch of stuff with adobe illustrator and sent it to the the printer to print a sticker.  I then used a squeegee snd separated the two layers and put a clear sticky sheet and squeezed all the bubbles out.  I then turned it around and took the sticky paper off and put it on wax paper.

Mr. Sader then took my shirt and put it on the press

He pressed it down for only 7 second to get all the wrinkles and annoying things out.

He then took the sticker of the flamingo took the wax paper off put it on the shirt and pressed down for 14 seconds.

He then opened it and peeled the plastic off the sticker.  He then put another piece of wax paper on the shirt and pressed down for another 7 seconds

When it was done he took it out and put it on a surface so it doesn’t fold on itself and I then had a t-shirt.

Here is a picture of me wearing it.

Live trace

Here is a tutorial of how I did my live trace.

First I found an image a solid colour for the most part.  What I chose was a club penguin, penguin because it is a solid colour I then hit file import in inkscape and chose my image from downloads.

I then hit path trace bitmap

I then had a screen open with a whole bunch of options so what I did was chose brightness cutoff and hit ok on the bottom right hand corner

I then right clicked on my first image with colour and cut it.

I then ended up with my final image of my club penguin penguin black and white

If I wanted just the outline I would hit shift and colour to black and then without shift hit the no colour option.

Inkscape: vector image trace.

what I have started doing today is tracing over an image and making it into a cartoon looking thing.  First thing I did was find a picture I chose a flamingo because I like flamingos.  The first thing I did was hit file and import.  When I found my photo I imported it on then what I did was hit document properties and chose PX instead of MM and I also turned of page border.

I then hit view and hit custom on it. I then hit Zoom 1 : 1.

I then hit the edit objects colours etc button and then the layers button two buttons to the right.

I then turned the transparency of the first image down to about 60 and created a new layer.    I then hit the bezier tool and to click once on one place then I held down click and Made a curve and hit enter to make a black line I did that all around and then filled it with dark grey.  I then made a new layer and repeated with the head body etc.

I ended up with 3 different one with a background and 2 without

layer mask

I have just finished my forrest gum project, it doesn’t look the best but I tried.

First step I found a picture of a JFK speech, second I threw it into gimp by hitting file on the top of the screen and then hitting new making a horizon style white layer then adding a new layer to the white layer making it transparent then pasting the meeting on that layer using select on the hot bar.  Secondly I duplicated my first picture by pressing right click on the layer and took a picture of myself and threw it into the picture of JFK’s meeting.

I then duplicated that picture into another layer and started on removing the background.  to do this I went and hit colours and then hit deserter then turn to gray.

I then hit colours and hit invert to make things easier on me.  After that I Outlined myself in black using the brush tool and then hi-lighted myself white. 

After that I hit select all by going to the select tool cut that layer went down to the layer with JFK.

I then created another layer mask by right clicking on layers and hitting create new layer mask

then I hit edit paste.

I then did a bit of trimming with an eraser and turned the entire picture to gray so it looks more realistic. And bing bang bop I had finished my picture

The Rutherford scholarship

Alexander Rutherford was a brilliant scientist,  he discovered the nucleus in atoms and the fact same charges don’t like being next to each-other.  The Rutherford Scholarship is about how he supported public teaching and how he was involved in community affairs.  Having the scholarship means you have done well in class and passed all the required math or science.  It also means you like doing the work you’re given.  I would say that because Rutherford enjoyed teaching from what I’ve read and he also supported public teachings.  In total the Rutherford scholarship is and honour to have because its in honour of him and it shows you have a bit of personality like him which in my eyes would be an honour


Hobbies are important in my mind.  To distract myself from how hard things are to come.  I have my specific hobbies myself, for example, I like drawing, animating, and on occasion exercising.  

Drawing is my favorite hobby I have.  I have been working on all different types of styles of art.  Manga, Cartoon, and a wee bit realistic.  I very rarely draw anything nature or beauty themed because that isn’t my style.  My most recent drawing is a parody of a character, and my second most recent drawing is a cartoon i’ve been working on for at least 20 hours.  I am not the best but I do try my best but it really is just a fun thing I love to do when I’m bored or want to draw.

Animating is an entire different thing.  Animating is so much more time consuming and personally I would say it is harder.  I’ve been working on animating for maybe a month now, maybe 5-7 hours total and I only have a simple basic animation that any actual animator could make in maybe 30 minutes.  There is a lesson to be learned by my trial and error with animating and that is, things take time to get good at, things take time in general.  I read online that it takes around 1-3 weeks just to make a 10-30 second animation, solo that is.  I know that it may seem that animating is drawing but just longer but the truth is it isn’t.  There is so much more you have to do, 15 steps just to draw shading.  I think animating is a good hobby for me because it has a possibility to turn into a career

And of course my least favorite but an important hobby exercise.  I have a wide range of exercises that I do ranging from running to weight lifting.  A full body exercise. Sure I do sometimes stop for a couple of days for my muscle to stop hurting but in the end I always come back to it.  I personally don’t like exercising, I would much rather do other things with my time like, draw, watch tv, etc, but when all of that gets old and boring I exercise.  Even though I don’t like it, it makes me better, more fit and athletic, I can sleep better, I feel like a better person.  I think that life is a lot better when you exercise.  It feels great afterwards, there are many benefits and I can actually come back to doing it when I forget to.  That is why exercise is one of my hobbies.

My hobbies vary from other types of hobbies, even though they are generic and simple they are my actual hobbies.  The great thing about all of my hobbies is that I can do them anytime,  I don’t have to wait for quarantine to end because I can do it all at my house.  Drawing, animating, and exercising are all my favorite hobbies.

All of these hobbies that I have also match my motivation survey.  The results are independence and achievement.  I believe these are true because nobody is making me do exercise,  nobody’s making me do drawing and animating and the achievement part is correct too because I work to achieve a specific goal.  I do find it weird how a computer can tell you more about yourself than you realize. It is really great to know why I like the hobbies that I have.

Mars Base: Short Story

I have just got to mars.  The journey here felt like hell.  Three Hundred days of floating in the dark emptiness of space.  The only entertainment is a man who somehow made a radio that can connect to my radio.  Now that I think of it the International Space Station hasn’t contacted me for 100 days. I am starting to think that they forgot about me or a plague has hit the earth hard and nobody has informed me.  It’s different up here. It’s weird not having gravity for a year and then out of the blue having gravity pull your legs to the soil for the first time in what feels like an eternity. Of course, I have been doing my exercises and keeping healthy so my performance in mars is in tip-top shape.  At the moment this amazing planet is empty with no structures on it other than my own ship and the materials to build the Mars 2050 tent system, a system built by the smartest people on planet Earth. It tells me where the most important resources are and how to use them. It is built in a tent that contains oxygen in it so I can take my suit off and start the first mars base.  My ship also contained 20 bags of soil and also plenty of seeds to plant and plenty of water for me to survive at least a year. I think I have made plenty of progress in just the first day though I am not going to sleep in the tent because it feels like there are 1 million pins and needles in my body. It has been a great and productive day so I think I’m going to hit the hay until tomorrow.  

The strangest thing just happened to me last night.  I woke up to the sounds of static on my radio aggressively rumbling with the sound, like somebody was trying to contact me.  At first, I thought it was my pal that I met on my trip here but he had already contacted me when I had gotten to mars. I had to turn the dials a bit to get the message and I got the message.  I was shocked to hear the space station contact me ever since they abandoned me. It was so satisfying knowing that the space station was still running. I figured they hadn’t forgotten me because the man on the radio explained everything.  He told me that the station had to do renovations with their radios so they could contact me on mars. They told me that I could change the world. It was their main priority to start colonizing Mars with their first task being to survey Mars in person.  I exited my ship and stepped on the red soil there wasn’t much to see other than the rock formations and the dusty soil on the ground. I then saw a bright light come out of nowhere. I approached and found one of the most fascinating metals I have ever seen.  I told the station about my discovery and they were amazed. They had never seen anything like it. There is something about this metal. It feels extremely precious. I feel like smeagle from the Hobbit. I feel like this metal is worth more than my life. Is that why I’m here, to find a metal that the world could use.  I feel so powerful having this metal. Two hours have passed of me just planting all of my crops and placing soil down. I think I might go on another survey of the land to see what else I can find. I passed through plenty of hills looking like I’m in the badlands. I found nothing on my survey and as much as I would like to continue on my survey it is getting late and I need to sleep for health reasons so I will have to write more tomorrow.

Day 3 had passed.  Nothing really exciting occurred other than me staying in my tent helping my plants grow.  Though I am concerned, I have found a giant cloud of dust in the distance that looked like it had started to come closer to me.  This means my tent might be destroyed and I might get demolished by millions of tiny rocks. Worst-case scenario my ship gets crushed into a paste and I get killed by rocks penetrating my body.  Best case scenario the storm drifts off a different direction. Now that I think of it this could be the end of my adventure of me living on Mars. I can’t concentrate thinking that I could be dead by tomorrow so I’m going to sleep on it. 
I woke to hear my commander telling me that there is a ship coming for me and the metal I had found.  I thought that this would be the end of my trip to mars until I heard It would be another 3 days until it got here which I find surprising about the tech that had changed in the 300 days.  They now have ships that can go at the speed of light and get anywhere really fast. They have improved so much than when it was 2048. But that is how the world works and I have to do my job.  Today I felt like progressing farther than I could any other day. I put the precious metal in a scanner I found in my tent. I was amazed by what I could do with it. The scanner gave me options to build a new structure.  A metal structure that could withhold any blasts or damage taken by it. It was stronger than diamonds. Anyway, the scanner gave me an option to build a strong small box-like house that I agreed to make. Throughout the day a ton of drones printed the structure for me to live in.  I felt like it wasn’t enough to be a good living home so I used my resource finder from the tent so I could look for resources to turn into furniture. It was the greatest house on Mars that I have ever seen. I am going to sleep satisfied because I had made the first actual Mars base even though I did use a resource that I wasn’t supposed to.  I think I am going to sleep in my new base because the storm is really close to where I am. Before I forget I am going to bring my radio and other valuables inside my base.

I woke up to what sounded like rain.  When I looked out of my little peephole I found that the shuttle crashed and my tent slightly damaged because I had put a screen on top of it when creating my base.  I also got a message that the other shuttle will be early tomorrow. This scared me because of all the things I did that I wasn’t supposed to do, so I made a plan to stay on Mars.  So far Mars hasn’t been that exciting and my base was invincible so what I decided to do was lock my house door when they come. I also needed to move the plants into a base with indestructibility so I went on an expedition to find some more of that sweet sweet metal.  It took me a while but I did find some. I also found the Mars Curiosity rover and fixed it up to be like my friend in space. When I got back to my base I quickly built my structure over the plants and moved all the valuable things back into one of my bases. I went to sleep scared and anxious for the next day to come. 

 I woke up and realized today was the day.  I was either going to be sent back home or stay on mars.  The space ship had landed on Mars and was going to pick me up but I just stayed inside.  I locked the door. They knocked on the door telling me that my ride had arrived. He told me that if I didn’t leave now that I would be executed.  I stayed calm until out of nowhere he somehow started cutting down the door so I had no choice but to surrender. He surprisingly wasn’t angry that I had wasted the metal.  It felt like defeat when I boarded the ship. It told me that considering the consequences I should always do the right thing. I do feel proud that I was the first man on Mars which I count as a victory.

At last, my trip was over.  I feel like my time was wasted counting it took me almost a year to get to Mars but they took me back only a week later.  The good thing about this is that I am now a national icon and I was told I changed the world forever. I have been told I will be sent on more expeditions for the days to come but for now, all I can do is be grateful.

The Hero’s Journey in The Terminator 2

Many movies and books follow a certain pattern. A formula you could say. They all follow the Hero’s journey. The Hero’s journey includes the ordinary world, the call to adventure, refusing the call, crossing the threshold, tests, allies, enemies, the ordeal, the supreme ordeal, and the reward and journey home. One of my favorite movies that accomplish this is, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  Judgement Day has some of the greatest actors that I know because he has accomplished so much in his life is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The movies run time is 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The Terminator is a masterpiece in my mind even though it follows the hero’s journey. I believe this is because you can see the protagonist being the Terminator or John Conner. The terminator starts off with John Conner, the main character, living with his foster parents being a troublemaker while his mother, Sarah Conner, in a mental hospital. John and his friend go to an arcade with money they stole from an ATM which is where the call to adventure starts. A Terminator type T-1000 shaped like a police officer asks around if they have seen John because it was sent there to kill John at whatever cost. When John runs away from the “Police” he gets trapped in a hall cornered by two men walking toward him and suddenly one pulls out a shotgun and shoots the other to protect John from the “police”. John doesn’t believe that this is real and refuses to go on the adventure, refusing the call. He decides to call his foster parents and finds out that they were killed by the T-1000, bad things happen after refusing the call. I personally think that this is a great way to start the film.
This is only part of the journey with crossing the threshold, tests, allies, enemies, the ordeal, the supreme ordeal, and the reward and journey home left. The terminator convinces John to go to the mental hospital to save his mother and they go, crossing the threshold. They make it to the hospital and get to John’s mom. She had also escaped, herself by killing a guard. She sees the Terminator and runs, for he had tried to kill her before John was born. She discovers that the Terminator is their friend and trusts him and they go out the elevator to escape, but it turns out that the Terminator T-1000 had been there too so he could attempt to kill John again but is stopped by the Terminator, creating enemies. The band goes to search for help so they can help Sarah with one of her objectives to destroy a lab where the first Terminator Chip gets built, and succeeds blowing it up but there are tons of police outside of the building, the ordeal.
This is when my favorite part of the movie occurs. The terminator gets a machine gun to shoot all the police with. He terminates almost all of them except for the T-1000 hiding in the group. The T-1000 gets in a helicopter to follow them to try once again. The 3 on the adventure run from the T-1000 in a large truck, not semi-large but like an ambulance. They are followed by the T-1000 and they are almost hit except for the fact that they got in a crash with a semi storing liquid nitrogen freezing the T-1000. The 3 go into a large construction factory with a lava pit in the middle of it. What they don’t know is that the T-1000 isn’t frozen and gets into the building for one more attempt to kill John. There is a whole chase scene and a couple fight scenes between the 2 Terminators and the Terminator T-1000 almost kills the Terminator leaving him on the ground with skin ripped off of him only leaving the metal pieces on the ground. The T-1000 goes off to find John and almost kills him but out of nowhere the Terminator throws him into the lava pool killing him forever, the supreme ordeal. The only problem now is that the Terminator still has a chip that must be destroyed so he has to also go into the lava pool to kill himself for the world’s greater good. Their rewards being alive and having the T-1000 killed and their life goes back to normal for the time being. The reward and journey back.
I think that Terminator 2 is a masterpiece of a film because the film has many points of view’s that we can see. I love this movie even though it has the hero’s journey because it is so much better than other movies and has a better plot than them. When you hear that the movie is a hero’s journey you immediately think that it has the same vibe as other but the terminator is different for some reason but I don’t know why and that’s why I love it. The Terminator 2 is a cinematic masterpiece which is why I enjoy it better than any other.