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This survey told me that I was support. This means that I seek out the tools, education and support that will help you get a task done to your satisfaction. I  need to find a place that values  my  contributions, supports you in every way possible, and provides you with strong leadership and management. I do think that independence is important to me because I want to be Independent enough to where I am smart in situations were I am alone and or move and and am by myself. My top two motivation factors are Support and recognition.  I like to be motivated by people pushing me to do something because i’m lazy and if someone doesn’t push me to do something i’m not likely to do it. ( most of the time).


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This knowledge told me that I liked Creative arts.  It says that I should do marketing, sale’s and services. This cluster involves the action of planning, promoting, and selling products or services such as marketing research or advertising. Different jobs within this cluster can include marketing management, professional sales, communications and research. It told me that these following jobs would suit me, Cashier, model, real estate agent, marketing manager, ect. Out of these few suggestions the survey has given me I think the ones I would most enjoy would be, a model, or an advertising management. Some of the things I wanna do when I’m older kinda relate to that and those are just the things that seem most interesting to me. I don’t 100% agree with this survey because i’m not interested interested in lots of these things like a cashier or marketing manager. Over all this survey was about 50% right because some things I would enjoy doing but others would not.





Chloe Interests

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My interest type is a trailblazer, this means that i’m artistic i’m a very creative person. Some interests that were not mentioned in the survey are photography, and designing things, that is my true passion and what I wanna do when i’m out of college, as well as cosmetology. I’m always willing to take a risk’s and am energetic at times. I am on the edge with weather I agree with this description because, i’m never satisfied  but i’m not constantly trying to share something fresh. My dream is to be a cosmetologist and photographer, so after studying it for a few years after college i’m gonna start up my own buisiness, that is after I go to Hawaii.

The survey mentioned things like designing dresses and photography so I think that I would enjoy that. I am sociable, competitive and, avoid strict routines. I always try to have a strict routine but it never work, all  I gotta do is try my best and set a goal to have a strict routine. The results say that I would be a good reporter, copy writer, or news analyst, I am 100% sure that none of these would be interesting for me to do as a job so to me this survey was wrong. Like I said before my passions are nowhere near what the survey said or what I wanna do and what i’m interested in. I enjoy things like, makeup, photography, nails, skincare, Netflix, Volleyball, Guinea Pigs, I would like to go to Hawaii, Beaches, Starbucks, music, shopping, long car rides with friends, Tik tok, gymnastics, ect. Those are the things I enjoy Thank you for reading!









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My personality type is INTJ, this means that I am an introvert, I am comfortable in smaller groups, i’m reserved and don’t like to blurt things out, and I prefer not to be in the spotlight. The N in INTJ mean, intuition this means i’m inventive, and sees patterns in big picture ideas. The T just means thinking, i’m fair, and I focus on the final product. The J means Judging, i’m thoughtful, judging, logical, organized, and enjoys planning.

learning styles

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I am an Auditory learner, this means I learn through listening, and hearing it over and over again, and I learn by listening and speaking,this is  the way I  learn best.I like when people repeat themselves over and over the important information I need to know. I recommend the following studying tips, watch and listen to videos online about the topic you are learning about, have someone else read the questions and answers out to you, re read the answers to you question out to yourself, and last of all have  a conversation with your teacher on your free time. I have not tried watching a video online but some people can beneifit from it because they have no one home to read things out for them. Knowing your learning style is great because if you  are a kinesthetic learner and you think your an auditory learner it will be harder for you to retain the information. 

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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