what film should we choose

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Group Trick Shot

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For this trick shot all we needed was a paper role a stand for the paper role, a  ping pong ball and a wall. We spent about 50 minutes trying to get our trick shot, we were the last group to get our trick shot right. Riley ended up randomly shooting the ball and it landed into the cardboard roll.


Wood Burning project

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I started my project by downloading bitmoji on my phone. I then found a valentines bitmoji that I wanted to use for my wood-burning project. I sent my picture to myself so that I could send it to Mr Sader. I then put my piece of wood into the machine with magnets so it didn’t blow all over. Mr Sader adjusted it to the right size and to the correct lengths and shape. I then turned on the lazer machine and started its fan so that it wouldn’t fill up with smoke. The fan helps so that the smoke isn’t stuck in the machine and so it doesn’t stink so much afterwords. Then. we pressed the button to start the lazer printer and we watched it cut the wood just perfectly. Then we flipped it over and did the other side with Caybries design. After it was done we waited a minute before we took the piece of wood out of the lazer machine. Thats all we did to create our wood burning art.



Chloe T-shirt

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The first thing I did was I found a bunch of images of myself on my phone that I could use for my new T-shirts. I then saved my pictures and sent them to myself on gmail. When I was done that I added my pictures to canva. Then I placed them how I wanted to in the shape I wanted them to look like and how I would like my design to look like. I made sure the pictures were in the right place then I sent them to Mr Sader and he adjusted them to the right size, rounded the corners, and adjusted the stuff for the exact measurements we needed for our t-shirt. We then used the Roland SP- 300 that printed off the stickers for our T-shirts on a transfer sheet so that we were eventually able to put it on my T-shirt with the heat press. When the design was done we let it dry for about 6 or so hours so that it wouldn’t mess up our first shot at transferring our sticker onto the fabric. A little bit after my sticker was done we used the weeders to weed our sheets and take the one sheet off. We then put our picture onto I think masking tape, and squeegeed it on so that it would stick to the transfer paper. Once I finished doing that I then used the waffle maker to heat press the sticker on. Before I put the sticker on I used it on just the shirt without the sticker to make sure that their were no wrinkles left on the shirt so that it wouldn’t mess up our design. I then stuck the sticker onto the shirt made sure it was lined up then we put parchment paper on top so the sticker wouldn’t stick to the heat press. After we heat pressed that for the full 14 seconds I removed the plastic and put parchment paper on again and heat pressed it again for the 8 seconds. After I took out my shirt and layed it down or hung it flat to dry. As soon as my t-shirt was dry  put the heat press machine away properly and tried on my newly improved shirt. We took all of the pictures in the shirts so It could go then made this guide how to make ur own shirt design and how we printed and pressed it






Layer Mask

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Layer Mask Image

Step One- First of all I started by finding my pictures online to layer and put into Pixlr so I could make my layer mask Next I added my photos to Pixlr and started my cut I then cut out the butterfly to go onto my flower and put it on the flower I added my butterfly to they exact place I wanted it to the adjusted it to the correct size so it would be a good fit, I made sure everything was in place then I added it to the Iblog to type out all of my steps..


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The first thing I did was find a phone on my camera roll that I wanted to insert into pixlr that  wanted to put on my shirt. The second thing I did was I Emailed the photo I wanted to myself.The third thing I did was find a saying to put on my shirt. The next thing I did was I used the text option on pixlr to type out my saying onto my picture. I next changed the colour of my text to the colour I wanted and that would fit my shirt and picture. I made sure that the text was in the right place and that my picture had been just right so that I could put it onto my shirt. I made sure that I had screenshots of all that I did and the steps that I used to make the picture that I wanted on my shirt.  I next saved the picture to Gmail then added the picture to Iblog. I made sure that I had put all the screenshots in and wrote about my steps that I used to create this photo.





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This survey told me that I was support. This means that I seek out the tools, education and support that will help you get a task done to your satisfaction. I  need to find a place that values  my  contributions, supports you in every way possible, and provides you with strong leadership and management. I do think that independence is important to me because I want to be Independent enough to where I am smart in situations were I am alone and or move and and am by myself. My top two motivation factors are Support and recognition.  I like to be motivated by people pushing me to do something because i’m lazy and if someone doesn’t push me to do something i’m not likely to do it. ( most of the time).


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This knowledge told me that I liked Creative arts.  It says that I should do marketing, sale’s and services. This cluster involves the action of planning, promoting, and selling products or services such as marketing research or advertising. Different jobs within this cluster can include marketing management, professional sales, communications and research. It told me that these following jobs would suit me, Cashier, model, real estate agent, marketing manager, ect. Out of these few suggestions the survey has given me I think the ones I would most enjoy would be, a model, or an advertising management. Some of the things I wanna do when I’m older kinda relate to that and those are just the things that seem most interesting to me. I don’t 100% agree with this survey because i’m not interested interested in lots of these things like a cashier or marketing manager. Over all this survey was about 50% right because some things I would enjoy doing but others would not.





Chloe Interests

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My interest type is a trailblazer, this means that i’m artistic i’m a very creative person. Some interests that were not mentioned in the survey are photography, and designing things, that is my true passion and what I wanna do when i’m out of college, as well as cosmetology. I’m always willing to take a risk’s and am energetic at times. I am on the edge with weather I agree with this description because, i’m never satisfied  but i’m not constantly trying to share something fresh. My dream is to be a cosmetologist and photographer, so after studying it for a few years after college i’m gonna start up my own buisiness, that is after I go to Hawaii.

The survey mentioned things like designing dresses and photography so I think that I would enjoy that. I am sociable, competitive and, avoid strict routines. I always try to have a strict routine but it never work, all  I gotta do is try my best and set a goal to have a strict routine. The results say that I would be a good reporter, copy writer, or news analyst, I am 100% sure that none of these would be interesting for me to do as a job so to me this survey was wrong. Like I said before my passions are nowhere near what the survey said or what I wanna do and what i’m interested in. I enjoy things like, makeup, photography, nails, skincare, Netflix, Volleyball, Guinea Pigs, I would like to go to Hawaii, Beaches, Starbucks, music, shopping, long car rides with friends, Tik tok, gymnastics, ect. Those are the things I enjoy Thank you for reading!









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My personality type is INTJ, this means that I am an introvert, I am comfortable in smaller groups, i’m reserved and don’t like to blurt things out, and I prefer not to be in the spotlight. The N in INTJ mean, intuition this means i’m inventive, and sees patterns in big picture ideas. The T just means thinking, i’m fair, and I focus on the final product. The J means Judging, i’m thoughtful, judging, logical, organized, and enjoys planning.

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