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27 September, 2021 (15:21) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

This survey told me that I was support. This means that I seek out the tools, education and support that will help you get a task done to your satisfaction. I  need to find a place that values  my  contributions, supports you in every way possible, and provides you with strong leadership and management. I […]


22 September, 2021 (15:23) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

This knowledge told me that I liked Creative arts.  It says that I should do marketing, sale’s and services. This cluster involves the action of planning, promoting, and selling products or services such as marketing research or advertising. Different jobs within this cluster can include marketing management, professional sales, communications and research. It told me […]

Chloe Interests

15 September, 2021 (14:46) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

My interest type is a trailblazer, this means that i’m artistic i’m a very creative person. Some interests that were not mentioned in the survey are photography, and designing things, that is my true passion and what I wanna do when i’m out of college, as well as cosmetology. I’m always willing to take a […]


9 September, 2021 (14:49) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

  My personality type is INTJ, this means that I am an introvert, I am comfortable in smaller groups, i’m reserved and don’t like to blurt things out, and I prefer not to be in the spotlight. The N in INTJ mean, intuition this means i’m inventive, and sees patterns in big picture ideas. The […]

learning styles

7 September, 2021 (15:11) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

I am an Auditory learner, this means I learn through listening, and hearing it over and over again, and I learn by listening and speaking,this is  the way I  learn best.I like when people repeat themselves over and over the important information I need to know. I recommend the following studying tips, watch and listen […]

Hello world!

2 September, 2021 (16:29) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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