learning styles

7 September, 2021 (15:11) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

I am an Auditory learner, this means I learn through listening, and hearing it over and over again, and I learn by listening and speaking,this is  the way I  learn best.I like when people repeat themselves over and over the important information I need to know. I recommend the following studying tips, watch and listen to videos online about the topic you are learning about, have someone else read the questions and answers out to you, re read the answers to you question out to yourself, and last of all have  a conversation with your teacher on your free time. I have not tried watching a video online but some people can beneifit from it because they have no one home to read things out for them. Knowing your learning style is great because if you  are a kinesthetic learner and you think your an auditory learner it will be harder for you to retain the information. 

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