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15 September, 2021 (14:46) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

My interest type is a trailblazer, this means that i’m artistic i’m a very creative person. Some interests that were not mentioned in the survey are photography, and designing things, that is my true passion and what I wanna do when i’m out of college, as well as cosmetology. I’m always willing to take a risk’s and am energetic at times. I am on the edge with weather I agree with this description because, i’m never satisfied  but i’m not constantly trying to share something fresh. My dream is to be a cosmetologist and photographer, so after studying it for a few years after college i’m gonna start up my own buisiness, that is after I go to Hawaii.

The survey mentioned things like designing dresses and photography so I think that I would enjoy that. I am sociable, competitive and, avoid strict routines. I always try to have a strict routine but it never work, all  I gotta do is try my best and set a goal to have a strict routine. The results say that I would be a good reporter, copy writer, or news analyst, I am 100% sure that none of these would be interesting for me to do as a job so to me this survey was wrong. Like I said before my passions are nowhere near what the survey said or what I wanna do and what i’m interested in. I enjoy things like, makeup, photography, nails, skincare, Netflix, Volleyball, Guinea Pigs, I would like to go to Hawaii, Beaches, Starbucks, music, shopping, long car rides with friends, Tik tok, gymnastics, ect. Those are the things I enjoy Thank you for reading!








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