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The first thing I did was find a phone on my camera roll that I wanted to insert into pixlr that  wanted to put on my shirt. The second thing I did was I Emailed the photo I wanted to myself.The third thing I did was find a saying to put on my shirt. The next thing I did was I used the text option on pixlr to type out my saying onto my picture. I next changed the colour of my text to the colour I wanted and that would fit my shirt and picture. I made sure that the text was in the right place and that my picture had been just right so that I could put it onto my shirt. I made sure that I had screenshots of all that I did and the steps that I used to make the picture that I wanted on my shirt.  I next saved the picture to Gmail then added the picture to Iblog. I made sure that I had put all the screenshots in and wrote about my steps that I used to create this photo.




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