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12 January, 2022 (14:33) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

The first thing I did was I found a bunch of images of myself on my phone that I could use for my new T-shirts. I then saved my pictures and sent them to myself on gmail. When I was done that I added my pictures to canva. Then I placed them how I wanted to in the shape I wanted them to look like and how I would like my design to look like. I made sure the pictures were in the right place then I sent them to Mr Sader and he adjusted them to the right size, rounded the corners, and adjusted the stuff for the exact measurements we needed for our t-shirt. We then used the Roland SP- 300 that printed off the stickers for our T-shirts on a transfer sheet so that we were eventually able to put it on my T-shirt with the heat press. When the design was done we let it dry for about 6 or so hours so that it wouldn’t mess up our first shot at transferring our sticker onto the fabric. A little bit after my sticker was done we used the weeders to weed our sheets and take the one sheet off. We then put our picture onto I think masking tape, and squeegeed it on so that it would stick to the transfer paper. Once I finished doing that I then used the waffle maker to heat press the sticker on. Before I put the sticker on I used it on just the shirt without the sticker to make sure that their were no wrinkles left on the shirt so that it wouldn’t mess up our design. I then stuck the sticker onto the shirt made sure it was lined up then we put parchment paper on top so the sticker wouldn’t stick to the heat press. After we heat pressed that for the full 14 seconds I removed the plastic and put parchment paper on again and heat pressed it again for the 8 seconds. After I took out my shirt and layed it down or hung it flat to dry. As soon as my t-shirt was dry¬† put the heat press machine away properly and tried on my newly improved shirt. We took all of the pictures in the shirts so It could go then made this guide how to make ur own shirt design and how we printed and pressed it






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