Wood Burning project

24 January, 2022 (14:23) | Uncategorized | By: cturner

I started my project by downloading bitmoji on my phone. I then found a valentines bitmoji that I wanted to use for my wood-burning project. I sent my picture to myself so that I could send it to Mr Sader. I then put my piece of wood into the machine with magnets so it didn’t blow all over. Mr Sader adjusted it to the right size and to the correct lengths and shape. I then turned on the lazer machine and started its fan so that it wouldn’t fill up with smoke. The fan helps so that the smoke isn’t stuck in the machine and so it doesn’t stink so much afterwords. Then. we pressed the button to start the lazer printer and we watched it cut the wood just perfectly. Then we flipped it over and did the other side with Caybries design. After it was done we waited a minute before we took the piece of wood out of the lazer machine. Thats all we did to create our wood burning art.



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