Barney 2.0-Derek-Very Unfinished but Better than Nothing May 24, 2016

September 18th. I have finally received the ratt they have kindly sent me. I knew the humans would have enough reason to leave me be here. She came in a box.  As I opened the box a young nice ratt walked out. I shell call her barbara. Only one? I was hoping their would be more, but one will do. barbara does not know things like I know things. I can tell barbara and i will become very good friends. I will put her in my old cage so that she can get used to this place.

September 19th. I do not know who else is on this island, but someone managed to open the lock on her cage. I found her eating  scraps from the old scientists plate. She also managed to explore around the lab. A curious rat she is. I might find some good uses out of her yet. Hopefully I can share some of my knowledge with her, because I really am smart. I think I will take her out for a walk today. I will see how she reacts to that.

September 20th. The walk went fairly well, i think. barbara found some cool things on our walk, including pair of pliers. I think i will let her keep it, because I can tell she really likes them.  Unfortunately I should have her locked up for longer, so I can do a few more tests. These tests I am doing will be a win-win for all, except barbara of course. Those dang scientists were only testing on me and a few other male rats. How dare they. Wait until barbara and other females see how it feels to be treated on.


September 23rd.


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