Twitter Essay May 25, 2016

Austins tweet: That is already happening, in a sense with the wealthy people. We want what they have, so in order to get what they have, we try other means to get it.


Technology is very similar to a firearm. It is a tool, there are many different uses for it. Many of the uses for a firearm are for the better, providing food, fun recreation, and simply a cool thing to have. Technology, is the same in that sense. There is plenty of great things technology allows us to do, from talking to our friends all over the world. However, just like a gun, there is many ways to use technology incorrectly. In the tweets above, there is both good uses for technology, and some poor results. Technology can easily disconnect us from the rest of society, and it can replace the social needs we have. We have to be careful that technology doesn’t take over our lives. In the story the Veldt, technology replaced the children’s need for other people. It replaced, and killed their parents. Although today that isn’t really the case, it has the same idea. If we begin to rely on technology to do basic things, one day we will begin to rely too much on it. The thing is, technology fails. Humans fail too, but when technology fails, who do you blame. Do you blame the machine, the creator, or the person who uses it incorrectly? The problem with technology is just that. We don’t know who is liable for it’s mistakes. We throw the blame all over the place inconsistently. Technology cannot become superior because it can not accept it’s mistakes. The parents in the Veldt accepted their mistake, and wanted to change things, the room, and the children, who were being turned into machines figuratively. The room and children blame the parents, so they simply killed them. A machine also doesn’t have morals. Does a machine care, if it accidentally malfunctions and hurts people? The machine is never responsible for this, even though it malfunctioned. The blame will always be on a human. That is what we have over technology. It is simply a tool, and it can only ever be a humans fault if it malfunctions. So it is our responsibility to own up to our accountability and use technology wisely. It is all about how you use it.


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