The Problem of Evil- Dixie Allen

The Problem of Evil is the most serious problem in the world and the one serious objection to the existence of God. St.Thomas Aquinas wrote his greta Summa Theologica. He found two objections to the existence of God. He wanted to find at least three objectives to the existence of God, but only managed with two. God wants us to be happy and is showing us how to belong and become one. We need to learn how not to take him for granted and show our support towards God. 


His first objective was “in the apparent ability of natural science to explain everything in our experience without God: and the other is the problem of evil”. This is what St.Thomas Aquinas had came up with for his first objective to God’s existence. This was because more people have abandoned their faith because of the problem of evil than any other reason. People believe that with the existence of God, there is an existence of evil. Evil is the greatest test of faith, and the greatest temptation to not believe in God anymore. There are people who live this, they don’t believe in our God, but they believe in evil. The problem underlies with these people. God teaches us right from wrong and the understanding that when we do wrong we ask for forgiveness. Evil gives us temptations to do wrong, and go against God. 

According to Peter Lreeft there are four parts to the solution of evil. The first part is how evil is not a thing. All things have a creator, such as the last book we read from Kreeft “The Argument from Design”. People assume evil is a big cloud over us, but this can be misleading, because if this was true God would be the creator of evil. As i explained earlier evil is a wrong but not always bad. Kreeft relates evil to being blind, he says “Evil is no more a positive thing than blindness is, but is just as real.” He was people to understand that evil can just be an illusion, instead of having a great affect on people.  The second part of the solution to evil is “the origin of evil is not the Creator but the creature’s freely choosing sin and selfishness.” This is talking about how Saints can talk about enduring death as lovers embrace different challenges. The basic is the cause of physical evil is spiritual evil. Sin is because of the cause of suffering. 

The third part the solutions to evil is the problem of evil is the most important: “how to resolve the problem in practice, not just in theory in life not just in thought.” Evil a serious problem for thought and can be obscure and uncertain. As strong and as clear as the sun is its son. This is God’s way of saying how we are affected.  God is not off the hook, God is the hook and this is saying about the point of a crucifix. The cross is part of the solution to evil, the gospel represents what we believe and to work with God in fighting evil by the power of love.

WE are like the child of evil, this is like the fire, and our ignorance is like the smoke. God is the firefighter and Christ is like the safety net. Humans fail tests all the time by the true test is how we can be loyal and loving to God. We may not see God but the infallible, all seeing God when we hear from his words but do not see from our reason that we must trust. We have to trust in God, to be able to trust in yourself, we have to be able to be better with our righteousness of God.

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