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Uncategorized @ 14 September 2020

The knowledge survey on the myBlueprint website told me about the subjects that I liked based on the questions on the survey.  The knowledge survey told me about the subjects I like which are physical education, the technical trades, and computers.  According to the myBlueprint survey I might like a career in health sciences.


In physical education we learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to stay active.  In the technical trades we learn how to build various objects or my favourite which is working with engines and learning about the various tools that are important.  Computer class teaches us the history of computers, typing techniques, and computer programming.  Health sciences involves the science of dealing with human and animal health. Health Science includes managing and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, and health information. It also involves research in biology and biotechnology, and the application of knowledge to improve health and prevent disease.

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