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Uncategorized @ 11 September 2020

When I took the myBlueprint survey about my interests it was exactly what I was expecting.  The survey told me that I was the engineer type and that my primary interests traits were investigative and realistic.


My first primary interest trait is investigative.  People with this interest trait just like me, love working with concepts, information, and scientific theories.  Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, and analysis are typical activities in Investigative occupations.  Investigative is one of my main interest traits because I’m always so curious about how things work and their purpose.


My second primary interest trait is realistic.  Realistic occupations involve practical, hands-on activities.  People with this trait like me focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines. Many Realistic occupations require working outdoors. They do not usually involve a lot of paperwork or require working closely with others.  Realistic occupations are what I like to do because I love working outside and I also love working on my dirt bike and snowmobile.


These interest traits make the engineer I will be in the future. The results were exactly what I was expecting because I’m always curious about subjects that I do not know anything about.  I love working outside and hands on with engines And that’s what would make me such a good engineer in the future.

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