# My Personality Type

Uncategorized @ 10 September 2020

The myBlueprint Personality survey had interesting results and it told me a lot about myself that truthfully I didn’t know.  The survey told me that I’m very introverted rather than extraverted which makes sense because I dislike large groups.  The survey told me that I like to gather information by gathering it in an organized way and that I’m good at presenting that information in an organized way, and I also focus on the details.  I have a neutral decision making chart which means I like to use my head and my gut to make decisions.  How I prefer to deal with the outside world which can also be defined as my lifestyle and structure is by being thoughtful, and judicious.  My lifestyle structure is very organized and I prefer to have concrete goals and deadlines.  My personality characteristics are that I’m introverted, I use my senses to gather information, I like to use my head and my gut to make decisions, and that I’m judicious and thoughtful.

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