# My Ideal Concert

Uncategorized @ 07 February 2021

My ideal concert is one in which the music is loud, the lights are bright, and I am with my friends. My ideal concert would have 80s and 90s rock playing at all times. The ideal concert would have an amazing light show that you could see from space. The musicians playing would be metallica, def leppard, and motley crue. 


My ideal concert would have the biggest and loudest speakers possible so that my ears have the songs stuck in my head for days. The 80s rock I want to be played needs to have loud speakers mostly so that when the bands play I can rock out to the energizing sound of the rock being played. 


The light show at my ideal concert will be like no other. The concert must be at night so that I can see the lights all that much better. This concert has to be in the summertime because i think a concert in the winter would be cold and not the ideal conditions for seeing a light show and listening to music. The concert would be on a beach with lots of room for the californians and people from all around the world to come and have a good time listening to some rock and roll.


My ideal concert would be with all my closest friends at a beach in california. My friends and I would travel down to somewhere warm in the U.S. like California to go see the concert. The concert must go on all night to allow my friends and I to have the best time possible. The trip down to the concert would be a blast and we could take a couple days trip and drive down to the concert listening to more of the same music but when we get there it’s a hundred times better. 


The musicians playing at the concert are some of my favourites of all times. The symphony of the guitar strings being strummed and the singers rocking out to their own song is incredible. The rock concerts of the 80s sound crazy from the stories my dad has told me about. The crazy stories and the great music is why I would like to see these bands play in concert. 


My ideal concert has to be loud so the 80s rock is stuck in my head for days. The concert must have a bright and shiny light show. The concert has to take place on a big open beach in California where lots of people can come and have a good time with us. The concert must have 80s rock musicians playing at the concert because that is my favourite music era and genre to listen to. My ideal concert would have to be fun for all my friends because the ultimate goal is to have a good time and rock out!


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