# The Beatitudes: A Visual

Uncategorized @ 14 April 2021

The beatitudes are Mark 5:3-10 and are the attitudes of Jesus and christians. There are 8 sayings to the beatitudes but I chose one that spoke to me and it is “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”(Mark 5:4). For my visual representation I chose pictures that are directly related to mourning and being comforted. The image that is related to mourning is a man that has his head down in his palms to show he is mourning for something and that he is sad. I chose the photo that was related to mourning to have a black background to show the darkness of mourning and sadness. The photo that is related to being comforted shows a man comforting a child. The child in the photo seems to be mourning as he has lost something or someone but the man comforts him by placing the child’s head on his shoulder with his arms around the child. The Background to the picture is two different colours. The side in which the child is facing is a brighter, more happy comforting colour and the side which the man is facing is a darker more gloomy colour related to sadness and mourning giving the meaning that the man takes all the child’s sadness and mourning. The photos, style, and background are all related to mourning and being comforted which gives the saying of Mark 5:4 a greater meaning than just text. 

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