My main subjects are LA, Computers, and Mathematics. LA includes reading, writing, and comunication.  Computers includes computer science and computer programing.  Mathmatics includes calculus, geometry, algebra, and finite math. My career cluster is science, technology, engineering, mathematics. People in this cluster enjoy research, learning, and exploring new ideas. Yes, I believe this is suited to… Continue reading Knowledge


I am The Sensei (IS) which means investiative and social.   I somewhat agree with it because I do seek knowledge but I am not Social, but I do like sharing my knowledge. My primary intrest trait is investigative and my secondary one is social. Atmospheric and Space Scientists, Chemist, and Microbiologist. I might like… Continue reading Interests

Personality Type

I am an INTP, which stands for introvert, intuiting, thinking, and perceiving INTPs tend to feel comfortable alone or in small groups.  They also like being quiet and not the centre of attention, even if they have good social skills.  These types of people like to be creative without constraints and prefer flexibility when approaching… Continue reading Personality Type

Learning Style

I am  37% a visual learner, 32% a auditory learner, and 31% kinesthetics learner.  So, I am mainly, a visual learner. Four tips it gave me were Underline or highlight key ideas in your notes Use graphic organizers (i.e., mind map, Venn diagram, web) Pause, and try to create a mental image in your mind,… Continue reading Learning Style