Learning Style

I am  37% a visual learner, 32% a auditory learner, and 31% kinesthetics learner.  So, I am mainly, a visual learner.

Four tips it gave me were

  • Underline or highlight key ideas in your notes
  • Use graphic organizers (i.e., mind map, Venn diagram, web)
  • Pause, and try to create a mental image in your mind, or pause, and draw a visual representation
  • Turn concepts into charts and diagrams

I haven’t tried any of these tips because I didn’t know what my learning style was, but now, I will make an effort to incorporate these tips into my learning and studying, in the future.

I am not very efficient at studying, so knowing this will help me apply it to studying and other personal learning aspects of my life, such as music, new language, etc lessons.


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