Personality Type

I am an INTP, which stands for introvert, intuiting, thinking, and perceiving

INTPs tend to feel comfortable alone or in small groups.  They also like being quiet and not the centre of attention, even if they have good social skills.  These types of people like to be creative without constraints and prefer flexibility when approaching a task.  They also may believe that planing may disrupt the creative process.  They may also be disorganized in their ideas and have problems explaining them to others.  INTPs tend to collect as much information as possible and look for the big picture.  In a group, these people put everyone doing their share of the work, over everyone getting along.

Personally, I think, that my creative process is the most important.  I’ll be honest with you, its just because I like creating characters.

Its important for me to know my personality type is because I can figure out who I can connect with on a personal level.


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