I am The Sensei (IS) which means investigative and social.

I somewhat agree with it because I do seek knowledge but I am not Social, but I do like sharing my knowledge.

My primary interest trait is investigative and my secondary one is social.
Atmospheric and Space Scientists, Chemist, and Microbiologist.

I might like them, I do like observing, and all of these require that.  Although, out of these three, my favourite would probably be a micro-biologist, due to the fact that I want to major in biology when I get into University.  Specifically, I want to become a marine biologist, because there are still many different creatures waiting to be discovered and some we only know little about, lurking in the deep ocean sea.

They all include being observant and investigative and sharing what you know to help people and advance society.  Whether it’s the natural side of things, the weather, bacteria, disease, or the human side of things such, as global warming.

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