My top two motivation factors are independence and working conditions.

(Sorry I couldn’t get a less blurry image)

Independence is something I knew previously, mainly because I hate having a schedule made for me, and I like doing stuff by myself, the way I think it need to be done, and prefer not to ask for help unless I need too. Working conditions was a factor that I didn’t know was second, but I do agree because I like doing stuff alone in a quiet space with no distractions so I can concentrate.

I believe these will help me, get a job that I enjoy, and help me work effectively and efficiently at whatever it is that I am doing in the future. Being able to do things how I want, when I want, in what order I want or see fits best, just feels right than being told what to do. It will help me with wise time distribution when I’m not being told exactly how to do something by my employer, so I need to look for a field that supports me in the best way possible.

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