Dream Jobs

I’m not sure exactly what my dream job is.  I’ve thought of working as a police officer or something to do with video game design or video game development.  I’ve thought about being a police officer whenever I say the officers chase after a guy and then they tackle them down and arrested them after resisting arrest.  But I wouldn’t do it because of the thrill of chasing someone down.  I would want to be an officer to just reduce the crime rate, I even got a License to Shoot and some security equipment online to be able to protect my home.  I’ve always wondered why so many people think it’s just “ok” to do illegal things. Like to kill, steal, or do drugs, (just to name a few).  I think if I was an officer and do a good enough job of it, i’d think i’d be finally make everyone around me proud of what i’m doing.  I also thought of being a video game designer or developer.  I want to be a video game designer because I think I have some pretty good ideas of how games could look, like how the characters and the environment they are in could look like and other stuff aswell.  Whenever I see a new game come out I always have the urge to want add stuff to it.  Either to make the game more interesting to everyone if they add something I might like to it, or just simple design ideas to the guns or characters or vehicles…etc.  I’ve also thought of pretty interesting game plots.  If it’s for a first person shooter, or adventure type games and stuff like that.  Either of those “dream jobs” would work for me in the future to come!

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