Who Am I? Personality.

                                  Who Am I? Personality

I am an ENTP (The Inventor) personality.   This means I tend to be outgoing and feel comfortable in large groups or when working as part of a team.  It also means I need room to explore and to be creative without constraints.  When completing a task, I tend to prefer flexibility and options over concrete goals and deadlines. When faced with a decision, I tend to be more concerned with being fair than with how a decision will affect others.


Part of my personality is extroversion, this means that I am more outgoing and comfortable in large groups.  I enjoy the spotlight and gain energy from being around other people.  I look to others for inspiration and motivation, and often feel isolated when spending time alone for a long period of time.  I also tend to act before thinking and enjoy group work.  The strengths of extroverts are: being capable of quickly forming close associations with others,  communicate easily with a variety of people, very sociable and enjoy spending time around others.


My Information gathering type is intuitive.  This means that I acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning. I make connections between what I am learning and already know. I’m also abstractive and see patterns and bigger picture ideas. It also means that I am intentive. 


My decision making was thinking. I make decisions based on objective criteria and can be perceived as impartial or uncaring. I focus on the final product and am not influenced by personal bias. I tend to be fair and value truth over tact. It also means I am thick skinned and firm with other people. 


My lifestyle and structure is perceiving.  This means I postpone decisions to see what other options are. I act spontaneously and do things at the last minute.  I decide what I do as I am doing it instead of making a plan.  I am also open to new information and am able to “go with the flow.”

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