Learning Styles

After taking a short survey earlier this morning, I learned that I was an “Auditory Learner”. This means I prefer, and learn better from, hearing and listening. Although I do learn from other ways, my strong suit is auditory learning. My biggest personal studying habits usually include listening in some way.


The website also included studying tips that might help me in some way with my studying. The first one that was listed was to record myself reading notes and play it back to memorize. I was also told to talk about the topic with someone as well as repeat the information to myself, eyes closed. As a person who has tired all of these, the most beneficial way repeating the information over and over again.


Knowing my learning style will benefit me because I now know to pay more attention to important information in class. I will spend less time taking unnecessary notes when I could spend more time listening and making mental notes instead. This will also help me personally so I can remember plans, dates , and important information about those close to me.

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