Personality Type

According to a short personality quiz, my personality type is INFP which is also known as the healer. The healer personality type is known for having sympathetic ideals and having compassion for other people. They prefer to work individually instead of in large groups or with other people and usually prefer written communication rather than verbal. INFP’s usually need room to explore and prefer to work creatively without constraints. They tend to dive into projects without fully planning ahead and they are also usually disorganized and their work stations will be messy. When making decisions, INFP’s usually takes peoples feelings into account and think about how their words or actions will effect other people in the future.


INFP is an acronym for different traits. The first letter, I, stands for introverted, which is absolutely correct. I prefer to be alone and I feel comfortable in smaller groups rather than larger groups. The N stands for intuiting, meaning I understand and work things out by instinct and feelings rather then facts. The next letter in the INFP personality stands for feeling. This means that I take peoples feelings into account and focus on circumstances as well as how my actions will affect other people. The last trait in perceiving which in short means, I am open to new information, I am a flexible and spontaneous person, and I am able to “go with the flow” instead of follow strict schedules and instructions.


I think my most important trait is perceiving. I love being open to new information and being able to just go along with plans no matter if they change or stay the same. I’m very spontaneous and I don’t take long to make decisions most of the time so its easier for me to adjust to changes.


It’s very important to know your personality type so you can know the type of person you are.

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