My interest type is ‘The Pioneer’. This means that my interests are 65% artistic , 65% investigative, and 52% realistic. The pioneer is self-expressive and they have active imagination which are fuelled by a desire to explore, study and understand whatever they find interest in. They are drawn to science and logic and enjoy working in environments where they can be spontaneous and creative. They work well by themselves and often find it difficult to explain their thoughts to other people. The way my interest is described is very agreeable.



Three of the careers listed that would mach my interests were , Film and Video Editor, Architect, and Creative Writer. All of this careers sound very enjoyable to me, especially because I’ve wanted to become them at some point or another. Another career listed, was Botanist. This is the scientific study of plants. I’ve wanted to do this for so long now but the university education sounds kind of scary.


These careers have lots in common with my interest traits as the first three careers listed have to do with creativity. Creativity is tied wth investigative for being my main traits. I also think investigative ties into the first three careers but more so into botany and the botanist career option.



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