According to a short survey I took recently, my top subject areas are creative arts, language arts, and language. This is very interesting and accurate to me because I very much do enjoy learning about those things. I was told to take classes to develop my artistic abilities as well as english courses to improve my english language skills and my understanding of literature. The language subject area including learning communication skills in different languages than my own.



My career cluster included careers in the arts, a/v technology, and communication . My cluster includes careers in production, performance, creation, publication of multimedia, as well as performing, visual arts, and journalism. The arts career provides industries with content such as marketing and product promotion, as well as a platform for entertainment including drama, music, and film.


The A/V technology career focuses on audio and visual services. It has to do with set up, operation, and maintenance of your equipment. This equipment varies from microphones, projectors, video recorders, lighting and other. It may also include recording meeting and presentations.


The last career in my career cluster was communication. The communication occupation is focused on creating and then maintaining positive relationships with clients, the public, and other often used media outlets. Some of the responsibilities included in this career include press releases, public events , and branding.


All of these careers listed in my career cluster are suited quite well into my varied list of interests. I would find a lot of enjoyment working in said careers as well as working on the interests that would be included in them.


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