According to a short survey I took,  my primary motivation factor is support . This apparently means that I seek out tools, education and support that will help me get tasks done to my standards. I need a place that values my contributions, supports me in every way and provides me with strong leadership and management. The places I should work should have employers that treat me fairly, where I have the support of my managers, and a place where I can receive excellent training.


The secondary motivation was recognition. This comes in many forms. Maybe it’s just the acknowledgement of an achievement. Maybe recognition comes in the form of approval and endorsement. It could also just be opportunities provided for me or admiration from other people. I love the feeling of approval and I love when people recognize my success and they help me appreciate what I’ve done. I would appreciate working in a safe and supportive environment because I would need the constant reassurance that my work was good.


I think that my motivation factors are very accurate because they definitely apply t what I need in friendships and relationships. When I do work I also value support , recognition and motivation so these factors are definitely accurate to my real life opinions and factors.


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