Who Am I? Motivations

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Motivations are important to everyone. They can make us strive and do what we love without hesitating. To me, if I am starting to question why I am doing something or starting to loose interest, I will find my motivations again. This helps me to continue on with what I enjoy. I would love to make a lasting impact that would help others in the future. For as independence, it is a fifty fifty path. I like to have some freedom and work by myself but I would also like to have support if help is needed. Understanding what motivates me and pushes me to work harder and not loose focus will help in the long run and push me to finish things along with what would be good for job occupations.

My top motivation factor is support. This makes sense because when I am troubled I often need to talk or get help. I read in my support paragraph a sentence that says support comes in many forms. This is very true there can be emotional and moral support needed. Support can help us work through difficult decisions or problems we might be facing. having support may mean that I would like to be treated fairly by employers and managers, it also means that I enjoy proper training.

My secondary motivation factor is relationships. This means I look for an emotional or some other connection between people. This is very fitting to me because I also look for close connects to help get through events.We all form relationships with other people. Some are good, some are not so good. When we work and interact with someone, it is a relationship. Good relationships are based on the basic’s of trust, honesty and common interest. Opportunities that I would look for would be friendly coworkers, the opportunity to help others and being able to have free beliefs.

Who Am I?

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The who am I survey allows you to learn about your top areas for subjects. I think this could be very helpful to understand your top subjects. At our current age we are beginning to think about some career choices for our future. Answering a survey honestly will help us by adding options for our paths. My first subject area was physical education. I completely agree with getting an 83% because I enjoy working and learning physically. My secondary subject was creative arts. Art courses and activities help me to complete things with an artistic point of view. Lastly my third subject was technical trades. At first I did not know what this meant, then I read the small blurb and now have a slightly better understanding. This helps me learn skills to design and create using different tools and equipment. This could include cosmetology, foods, and agriculture. Based on my top subject areas my career clusters think I might enjoy health science. This cluster involves the science of dealing with human and animal health. Health Science includes managing and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, and health information. It also involves research in biology and biotechnology, and the application of knowledge to improve health and prevent disease.


Emma’s Interests

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Everyone one who lives has somethings that are called interests. An interest is the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone. Not everyone has the same interests. For me if I have an interest about a topic, I will partake in its events and/or research the material. Understanding your interest type can help you to enjoy the activity more and save you time from doing things you wouldn’t enjoy. By honestly answering the surveys questions I was able to determine that my interest type is the designer.

The description of my interest type explains that I am a person who can work independently. Usually I will create something with use and that many people will appreciate.  The designer has a knack for working with tools, machinery, and materials. I am told that I have a strong approach to things with independence and a slight bias towards thought, variety, and following my heart. Primary interest traits for me include artistic. This means I require self expression and creativity for my occupations. Realistic is my secondary interest trait. Realistic occupations involve practical, hands-on activities. They focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines.

The match results tab explains that my top three careers could be a craftsperson, makeup artist and a photographer. Surprisingly I do not agree with any of them. I dislike things that take a large amount of time. Little projects quite easily bother me and I do not think it would be a good fit for me. If i had to choose one of the three options I would choose photography. If mandatory it would be the only thing that would slightly interest me. My future career interests include being a lawyer and going to law school to be a criminal defense lawyer. Another career choice that I find very interesting would be a marine biologist. Crime has always fascinated me and to think that I could solve it daily and help people would be neat. On the other hand traveling the world and seeing great seas, majestic animals and discovering species most people have never seen, would be marvellous. Never in my wildest dreams would I get to swim with wonderful sea creatures but the chance to take a shot at it makes me excited for the future.

Overall the interests survey helped me to understand my interest type and did help me to understand what might be a future path for careers. I’ll be more happy and successful since I understand what interests me. Now I can proceed into the future with a better understanding about me.



My Personality Type

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My personality type is a INFJ (the Counselor.) I am an introvert. INFJs prefer to work independently and tend to feel more at ease when alone or in a small group. The test results say that INFJs are self-aware and enjoy thinking. I am definitely a thinking and I enjoy small talk or time by myself.

An extrovert is an outgoing, overtly expressive person. Extroverts are often described as happy, positive, cheerful, and sociable. The definition of an introvert is someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments. Introverts tend to feel drained after socializing and regain their energy by spending time alone. The first section says introvert or extrovert. My results gave me an introvert. I am comfortable working in small groups. I am very reserved and enjoy thinking deeply. Information gathering is the way you process information. Compared to sensing I am intuitive. That means I make connections with what I am learning and what I already know. I am very inventive and an abstract thinker. Decision making is an important part of our lives. It could help to know what kind of thinker you are to make better decisions. I am a feeling choice maker. Being on the feeling side of the scale means I make decisions on how they affect people. This is good to know so i make sure when I am choosing I could make sure to choose using feelings. To me I like to have plans set in stone instead of going with the flow. So it was no surprise to find out I was a judging character. I am very organized and enjoy planning. I am told that I prefer logical answers which now that I think about it, I agree. I believe that my most important personality trait is that I am intuiting. I find that it is very important to know your personality type because it can bring you closer to know more about yourself. This is helpful in order to know maybe why you act the way you did or choose the way you choose.

My Learning Style

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I am a Auditory learner. I learn by hearing and listening. When I am studying I prefer to read aloud or talk to myself. Auditory Learners are those who need to hear the information. To study I need to listen to the information. Whether that be to have someone read it to me or read aloud to myself. The test gave me many options and suggestions for study methods.


One method that I will try for our next study time is to record myself reading my notes and listen to them. This would be beneficial because I would be able to listen to the same topic many times but really be able to focus on the information being said. Talk with someone about the topic. Talking with someone is a very helpful option that I have used and tried in the past. Repeat information with your eyes closed is something that i have not gave a try. Listen to recorded media related to the subject would be very beneficial to get a bigger mind on the area.

Now that I know my learning style it will help me to gather more information in a faster period of time. A lot of methods I have tried to study have not been helpful due to the fact I cannot focus properly. Now personally, I will be able to focus and try new methods to help me study better and more efficiently. Identifying my style of learning can actually save me from wasting your time studying the wrong way by giving me a way to study smarter rather than harder.

Hello world!

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