My Learning Style

7 September, 2021 (15:18) | Uncategorized | By: ewatkins

I am a Auditory learner. I learn by hearing and listening. When I am studying I prefer to read aloud or talk to myself. Auditory Learners are those who need to hear the information. To study I need to listen to the information. Whether that be to have someone read it to me or read aloud to myself. The test gave me many options and suggestions for study methods.


One method that I will try for our next study time is to record myself reading my notes and listen to them. This would be beneficial because I would be able to listen to the same topic many times but really be able to focus on the information being said. Talk with someone about the topic. Talking with someone is a very helpful option that I have used and tried in the past. Repeat information with your eyes closed is something that i have not gave a try. Listen to recorded media related to the subject would be very beneficial to get a bigger mind on the area.

Now that I know my learning style it will help me to gather more information in a faster period of time. A lot of methods I have tried to study have not been helpful due to the fact I cannot focus properly. Now personally, I will be able to focus and try new methods to help me study better and more efficiently. Identifying my style of learning can actually save me from wasting your time studying the wrong way by giving me a way to study smarter rather than harder.

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