Who Am I?

22 September, 2021 (15:01) | Uncategorized | By: ewatkins

The who am I survey allows you to learn about your top areas for subjects. I think this could be very helpful to understand your top subjects. At our current age we are beginning to think about some career choices for our future. Answering a survey honestly will help us by adding options for our paths. My first subject area was physical education. I completely agree with getting an 83% because I enjoy working and learning physically. My secondary subject was creative arts. Art courses and activities help me to complete things with an artistic point of view. Lastly my third subject was technical trades. At first I did not know what this meant, then I read the small blurb and now have a slightly better understanding. This helps me learn skills to design and create using different tools and equipment. This could include cosmetology, foods, and agriculture. Based on my top subject areas my career clusters think I might enjoy health science. This cluster involves the science of dealing with human and animal health. Health Science includes managing and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, and health information. It also involves research in biology and biotechnology, and the application of knowledge to improve health and prevent disease.


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