Who Am I? Motivations

27 September, 2021 (14:54) | Uncategorized | By: ewatkins

Motivations are important to everyone. They can make us strive and do what we love without hesitating. To me, if I am starting to question why I am doing something or starting to loose interest, I will find my motivations again. This helps me to continue on with what I enjoy. I would love to make a lasting impact that would help others in the future. For as independence, it is a fifty fifty path. I like to have some freedom and work by myself but I would also like to have support if help is needed. Understanding what motivates me and pushes me to work harder and not loose focus will help in the long run and push me to finish things along with what would be good for job occupations.

My top motivation factor is support. This makes sense because when I am troubled I often need to talk or get help. I read in my support paragraph a sentence that says support comes in many forms. This is very true there can be emotional and moral support needed. Support can help us work through difficult decisions or problems we might be facing. having support may mean that I would like to be treated fairly by employers and managers, it also means that I enjoy proper training.

My secondary motivation factor is relationships. This means I look for an emotional or some other connection between people. This is very fitting to me because I also look for close connects to help get through events.We all form relationships with other people. Some are good, some are not so good. When we work and interact with someone, it is a relationship. Good relationships are based on the basic’s of trust, honesty and common interest. Opportunities that I would look for would be friendly coworkers, the opportunity to help others and being able to have free beliefs.

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