Respond Creatively to Barney

September 14

left to fend for myself on this lonely island. Nothing to do but wonder taking my regular stroll the lab, up and around tubes of funny green stuff I spend my evenings being tempted. Other nights my will power gives out, and the need for those powerful narcotics takes my mind hostage. The electrifying feeling I get from just one taste makes me keep coming back for more and more and more. It’s not the taste but the feeling I get that send shivers from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail.

September 17

The lab is filled with many viles and beakers full of mysterious liquids. I’ve become accustomed to the taste of many them, they all take a different effect on me. They fill me with pleasure and help me forget that it is just me here all by myself. I get an instant high from some but others take longer to kick. Picking random solutions to drink is like a game,it’s what I do for fun since I have nothing else to do.

September 20

My stomachs on fire I have never felt so weird in my life. I am sweating an my paws are tingling. What is going on with me? Is it possible that the solutions have finally changed me. I know I have an addiction and  that all this is nothing more than chemical reactions occurring in my stomach. I am chocking my air ways are closing up I I I I………

September 20 later that day

This afternoon I woke up a new rat. The chemical reaction that occurred deep inside my stomach, caused me grow. I am now larger than life, I tower high in the sky’s  so high that I look down at my lonely island. I am more powerful than ever my four wimpy rat legs have been replaced with large muscular legs much like a dinosaur ,my teeth are sharp and pointy like knives.  As I look into the distance I see lands not to far away. Lands I’ve never seen before seeing this only makes me think to weather those lands have always been there or are they just a hallucination brought on by the strange combinations of narcotics pulsing through my veins .They must be real I thought to myself  and in that instant I suddenly got an idea, If there was other rats in those not so far away lands I would no longer be by myself. My body’s new transition would help me swim across the sea. I am no longer Barney a helpless rat who occasionally likes to take sips of unlabeled concoctions. I am Barnzilla ready to take off into the distance and rid myself of loneliness.


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