Unfinished Business

I’ve never had to fight, I went through school got an education and never once had to fight for it. Of course I fought with my parents over failing grades or late assignments, but never the privilege to go to school. At sixteen school definitely did not feel like a privilege but more of a prison sentence. Little did I know that my education was my ticket to a better future and I was taking it for granted. I was the master of getting by, I was never an honours student nor did I desire to be. Instead of worrying about studying for test I was more concerned of what outfit I was going to wear to school that day and if everyone would like it. Only to get to the test and panic as I struggled to answer the very first question. A passing grade was good enough for me, but eventually that passing grade just wasn’t good enough anymore. My future seemed so far away yet so close at the same time. It was the choices and decisions I made towards my education that would define the fate of my rather sudden future. What if I had no choice? What if education wasn’t even an option? What would that mean for my future? I was so oblivious to the world I lived, my narrow mind lead me to believe everyone was like me. I neglected to see beyond my world and realize that their is so much more.

I thought that everyone went to school, that school was a thing that everyone had to do. The things I thought to be so little were in fact the things people were laying their lives on the line for. Watching the news and hearing stories of the everyday fight girls in countries such as Pakistan,Afghanistan and India all go through as they fight for the for the right to an education.


Fighting to be recognized in man’s world, is the ongoing battle of women of around the world. There are well over 20 prominent nations across the world that continue to discriminate against women by preventing from learning. Why is it that men are more willing to strap bombs to women’s backs and hand them guns, but the thought of an educated women is what frightens them the most. We are all human’s hand made by God himself, all so the same but so different at the same time. Our differences should be the things that set us apart and make us unique, our differences such as gender shouldn’t be the thing to set us back but the thing brings us together.

“ I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century”  Hillary Clinton.  For centuries women have been recognized as the inferior sex, however women continue to break down barriers and defy expectations. Feminist advocates have been paving the way for equality for generations, but it is up to us to live in their legacy and continue to prove over and over again that women’s rights are just as important as those of men. Like Hilary states that equality is still unfinished business and we should not hide behind the obstacles put in our way but do everything in our power to break through them and look forward to a brighter future. We are more than housewives, we have surpassed the era June Cleaver  and we have sturt into a brand new era of independence. Women across North America have traded in their high heels and pearls for a set a steal toed boots as they make there way out of house and into the workforce. Education is one huge factor that has pushed women to be more independent and influenced the change. By standing together women have created a network of hope for the female population. It’s the power and strength portrayed by today’s most influential women that has helped promote progress in the movement towards gender equality in education. External forces take pride in helping  developing countries who struggle with inequality and help shrink the gender gap. Gender equality is a basic human right it is as simple as that, women are humans to and just as entitled to live a life of dignity as the next person. Right now gender equality remains nothing more than unfulfilled promises. But by standing as one women have the capability of changing things and making them right.

An under educated person is nothing more than an empty vessel. Like food nourishes the body education is what nourishes the mind. Education is what makes us a right thinker, it is what shows us how to think and make decisions. Education is not only crucial for personal development but also should eventually transforms into social development.  Educations is the only means that helps one understand their history,culture,religion and to some extent their own self. We are all human both male and female, all deserving of the same human rights.


I am a women strong,independent and educated. I make my own decisions and don’t let others make them for me. I am proud to live in a country that recognizes me as human and nothing less. It is my turn to promote change in the children of this generation before it is to late.In society we often take many freedoms such as education for granted due to the fact that we are so fortunate. As a teen I lacked ambition, saw the world through rose coloured glasses. Only seeing the things I wanted to see. Failing to recognize that knowledge was in fact a gift, not a punishment. It’s taken me my entire life to realize that their is so much pain in this world, but what I never knew is that the pain of others that would give me the strength to find pride in myself. Learning and acknowledging the issues of others has gave me the courage to be more than average, to not take advantage of the gifts life hands to me. With my strength I will break down each and every obstacle set in my way. Gender equality in education is only one piece in the puzzle. It’s time we fight together for the human rights we are entitled to and take care of all this unfinished business.



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