Haikus of time

Life is created;

the soul of what we call home.

Day by day, it thrives.


A new creation;

consciousness thrives within us.

Our rule has begun.


The trees still growing;

Regardless of us humans;

life on earth moves on.


Industry demands.

We take and don’t give much back;

exploiting our home.


Bells chime and trains pass;

buildings rise towards the sky.

Where is nature now?




Turn PDF into google document? (not clickbait)

Here’s a good way to do things like this for you ‘external software xenophobes’ such as myself. Instead of using KAMI or the notes app, I simply used this process to allow for editing of a PDF.

Begin by opening the PDF file posted, and click the print icon in the top right.

This action will proceed to a new PDF file; one which allows you to draw pretty pictures on the file (I didn’t do this).  Once here, hit the edit icon (pencil) wait a moment, then click the download icon (arrow pointing down) in the top right.

This will add the PDF file to your downloads folder.

Next, go to your google drive, and select the NEW option on the left side.  Select the ‘file upload’ option and retrieve the recently downloaded PDF file from your downloads folder.

This is what the file should look like.

After uploading the file into your google drive, a notification should appear in the bottom right telling you the file is uploaded.

Click on this, and you will see your lovely PDF file.

Next, click on the “open with” button at the top middle of the screen, and select Google Docs.

Kami is an unnecessary software installation.

Wait a moment for the document to load, and you will have successfully loaded a PDF file into a google document.

Yeah, this is big brain time.

The Isolation experience – Day 12/13 post 2

The past weeks have not been entirely devoid of activity, but nothing extraordinarily frightening or surprising has happened in the aforementioned time frame.  Life is continuing in it’s new normal with school being taught via internet, and public gatherings cancelled.  this week was the first week of schools officially being taught online, and this has had a fair amount of success, for this school at least.  At home, life is following along its new daily routine as part of isolation.  Who knows how long this new normal will last.

Day 13

This new normal, as much as it differs greatly from our normal from before, the weekends are similarly scheduled, save for the fact that Sunday masses are now to be observed via live stream.  Today, my family and I viewed a mass from the archdiocese of Edmonton via live stream.  We also made and decorated cookies with the new cookie press we got mom for her birthday.

(It was even more fun then it looks)

The Isolation Experience – Day 2 post 1

Apologies for the inconsistency of days to posts, I didn’t make a post yesterday, nor do I have a time machine.

It’s been a less-than-eventful past 48 hours.  Beginning with being told to stay home from schools on the 15th, and leading to right now, this time away from the outside world has been something different for sure, but nothing too exciting.  Yesterday was what the average summer weekend is like; woke up, played games, had lunch, washed some dishes.  Nothing too eventful.

As of writing this, it is day 2 and I just finished cleaning my room.  I plan later to make lunch, clean up the house, perhaps do some Read Theory, and have some time to myself later in the day.

I am glad to see that my day is being eventful thus far and hope the future can be the same.

This is the new normal; at least until September.

Today’s panic rating – 1.25/10

The Last Stop


Gabriel Sader

March 12/2018

Grade 7

I was the last one on the bus.  The bus driver never spoke to me, nor did anyone who saw me.  I was invisible, a shadow in the corner of your eye, just an illusion you may dream of after a long day. Were my efforts in vain?  Was there a good chance this was going to be a waste of time? Probably, but I was taught to expect and prepare for the worst, but always hope for the best.  That was key in this situation. The bus started slowing down. I gathered my thoughts, and got ready to leave.  

There was a faint squealing in the air from the busses breaks.  I stood up, making my way out of my seat. Grabbing my backpack, I walked down the aisle, until I came to the doors.  Opened before me, I felt as if I was walking off the school bus into my old elementary school. I remembered the kids, younger and older, my friends waiting for me by our classroom window, people saying good morning to me, but all that was gone.  It was just me going off of this bus. Nobody there to greet me on my way out. Attempting to keep my thoughts busy, I hummed a familiar song as I stepped out into the cold, windy night.

  There was darkness all around me.  The bus drove off, leaving a slight cloud of dust in its wake, quickly dissipating with a gust of wind.  I looked straight ahead at the dark field, tall grass swishing in the wind. I remembered the instructions given to me by my superior, to walk Westward until you reach the lampost, and play the combination.  As vague as those instructions were, I could figure there was probably some kind of instrument there to play the combination. I removed my metal compass from the mesh pocket on the side of my backpack, flipped open the cover, oriented myself in the right direction, and set off west.  After scaling over a short barbed wire fence, I began to speed walk through the tall blades of grass, my compass guiding me in a straight line, heading west.

Anytime I took this path, I always thought I was going nowhere until I saw the light.  As I was drawing nearer to the lampost, a sudden and powerful gust of wind knocked me off balance, but I quickly recovered and continued on my way.  I got to the lampost, to find a circular clearing of flat grass about three meters in diameter, with the lampost in the center.  Behind the lampost was a piano.  With many indications of being very old, the piano was certainly playable, but too rough of treatment would surely break a few key components.  

There were no pedals, and no cover protecting the strings. Most other wood parts looked in good enough shape, despite being outdoors. I had been instructed to play a certain combination of notes.  As I struck the keys in the designated order, I could see the strings vibrating inside the piano. It was like kicking the foot of a model skeleton in a grade 8 science room, making all the fake bones shake and rattle together.  This brought back more short-lived memories of my past, quickly fading. I had finished the correct combination. Whatever was supposed to happen, was supposed to happen now. This was our last chance.

The sound of the sustained notes had completely faded into the night. I waited a few seconds.  Then maybe a minute or two. I looked up and around. Nothing was to be seen, just me, the lampost yellow light shining, the tall blades of grass rubbing against each other in the wind which had died down since a few minutes ago. Nothing was unordinary.  Was someone supposed to hear the notes I had played? I checked my surroundings again and turned around to find a pillar made of what looked like gold! Only about half a meter in front of my face, I looked up to see that the pillar got wider, and branched off to form slim triangle-like shapes attached to golden rods, connecting seamlessly to the main pillar, leading back into the ground. It was what appeared to be a tree made of gold, certainly something you do not see every day. I touched the tree, but my hand was nearly burnt how hot it was! I could feel it getting hotter and hotter until it started to run and begin to melt.  Deciding I wanted to keep my feet today, I backed away from the increasingly large puddle of glowing molten gold. Was this supposed to happen? This was certainly very strange. Was this the sign all along? Was this supposed to start a grass fire? The gold was boiling and turning to gas. Not knowing what happens if you inhale gold vapour, I covered my mouth with my coat sleeve.

 The gold tree was gone. All that was remaining was the smell of burnt grass.  I had no idea what just happened. I could tell all my colleagues, but with their history with me, they would never believe me.  I had so many questions. One of them was how I was going to get back home. Who knows, maybe I’ll catch a ride with a unicorn.

The House of my Dreams

What would be the house of my dreams?  A dream house, like a dream car, would be needing a certain glamour as of good looks.  As well, it would need a balance of practicality and aesthetic appearance. Lastly and most importantly, my dream house would be able to function as a comfortable residence.  There is a multitude of factors that would make my house a dream house.  

To begin with, my dream house would need to look good.  A house that simply isn’t nice to look at is not my dream house.  The right colours of paint on the interior and exterior would be important to consider.  I’ve never been too crazy for excessive decor in homes, but I would definitely want a reasonable amount of pictures or paintings to emblazon my dream home.  As for other decorative features like sculptures and pottery, I think I could pass up on those. Decorating your home can be joyous, but there is more to a home than style.

In terms of practicality, a dream home would need all the basics of your average home.  A place to sleep is a must in every home, and my dream home would be no such exception. A kitchen and bathrooms are also standard and would need a presence in my dream home.  Lastly, for basics, a place to spend most of my time watching television or playing games would be needed, in the form of a living room. Since I do plan on sleeping, I would omit the presence of a television in my bedroom.  The basic functions of a home are widespread.  

However, my dream home would have more than the average unconventional functions and features.  Unconventional would mean more luxurious than average. Entertainment devices and high-end couches would have their place in my dream home.  A large backyard would be necessary should I have pets that need outdoor space.  A kitchen with an abundance of hardware for cooking is also something I would desire for my dream home.  The list goes on for elements of a home that can make a dream home.  

A dream house can take many shapes.  My dream home would need a look that suits my style.  A dream house or not, any residence needs the basic functions of a home; a roof over your head.  And more importantly for being a true dream house, features beyond the average home would be desirable.  A house becomes a dream home when you make it your own.

The Car of My Dreams

What is the car of my dreams?  This is not a question I have asked myself too often.  A dream car couldn’t just be something for showboating, I believe that it should be practical.  There must also be a balance between aesthetically pleasing and practical. Another thing that would make a car a dream car, would be its ability to drive.  Although there are plenty of good choices for a car for teens, To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t think of my dream car off the top of my head right now. But, with a little more thought, I have faith that I could think of a dream car that would suit me just right.  

To begin with, every car needs to have practical implications.  I wouldn’t want a car made completely from gold, nor one built for the sake of pure luxury.  My dream car would need a sturdy frame and suspension that could handle the Alberta landscape.  A car designed to be able to handle winter and uneven terrain would be a must.  The last thing I would want would be a car that falls apart after a drive through the ice and snow.  

As well, my dream car would have to be pleasing to the eye.  A fine shape and model would be a necessity.  The right colour would also be crucial.  I would likely go with something more common, like black, with a nice shine to it.  The car of my dreams would be nothing too extraordinary, but definitely, something to strike my fancy.

One more aspect of being a dream car would be its ability to get to your destination.  The ability to drive is a priceless aspect of any automobile.  Something with a V8 and plenty of horsepower is in my interest.  A sizeable gas tank would also be needed.  Getting from point A to point B would be the real purpose of a car, would it not?

The car of my dreams would be a 2020 Chevy Camaro.  Although mainly for aesthetics, this car is also my choice because it has great specs.  Elegance and authenticity embody this car’s looks.  The V8 engine, 455 horsepower, and around 6000 horsepower rpm, this car would be a car of my dreams for sure.  This car is nothing short of dream-worthy. 

Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World #7

When viewing the world, do we see rosiness or gloomy gray?  Many would say that they see the gloominess and drab of the world.  Certainly, others would also say that there are rosiness and blissfulness in the world.  Some of us see both, myself included.  The writing prompt I chose was an interesting voice to this topic; the topic of the world being rosy or gloomy.  

It is obvious to see why people might tend to believe solely in the gloominess of the world.  More often than not we see bad news from our sources of media.  However, according to this writing prompt, the rain we see falling in the world looks harder through the windows of media than it really is.  The media may overemphasize world events to bring seeming validity to their sources.  However, this does not mean that it isn’t raining outside.  There are conflicts in the world that we hear about.  Humans have found ways to ruin their very environment we rely on for survival.  There are injustices and inequities; all signs of human failure.  And for these reasons, I can understand why people view the world as gloomy gray.

On the contrary,  there is also reasoning behind why people may see the world as a rosy place to be.  Alongside threats of war and pandemics, we also receive news of improving technology; a sign of human success.  People find a myriad of ways to be hopeful even in a struggling world.  Hope is what powers our drive for success.  And from this hope, we can drive ourselves to further successes.  If we view the world as merely a gloomy gray wasteland, how can we begin to hope to fix it?

The third group of people to mention here would be those who see the good and bad in the world.   I see events in the world that are beneficial, and others that are negative.  Yin and yang exist in our daily lives.  Though we’d all certainly like to live completely in the yang, life would be unbalanced without the bad elements.  In a piano song, the black keys may represent the sad parts of life, and white keys the happiness in life; both are needed to make a song; a balanced life.  This writing prompt I chose is representative of both these views because although it mentions the rain coming down, it also reassures us by mentioning that the storm looks worse than it is.

So, when I view the world, I see rosiness, and an amount of gloomy gray alongside. The gloominess may tend to dominate our lives.  Knowing this, it’s our responsibility to not have tunnel vision; to look up and remember that not all to life is hopeless.  Seeing the bad things in our world will help us to see the good things when they come.  Not a question of if they come, but when.


Longreads – To Grieve is to Carry Another Time

I read the first few sentences of this short story and I was already captivated to read the whole thing.  The limited description of this short story includes a  detail about the fourth dimension, which I know to be time, which immediately interested me.  The last essay I wrote was about traveling through time, and human nature, and, while in the process of reading this short story, I noticed some ideas I could write about connecting the two.  Another element that interested me was the inherent certainty that this short piece of literature was a fascinating personal story.  This short story was regarding man writing about the loss of his wife to cancer, and how this loss affected his outlook on life.

The story starts with the author writing about certain scientists, and how their various scientific works, such as books and theories have influenced our modern concept of time, and how it passes by.  This subject, the human concept of time,  fascinates me.  How this concept of time plays into the story, however, is part of what makes it so interesting for me.  First mentioned in the title of the story, the idea of grieving, meaning to remember someone lost, is to carry, or possess emotionally, another time.  Another time from when the person you are remembering was still with you.

This idea of remembering someone you lost some time ago ties into what I wrote briefly about in my essay about time travel.  In that essay, I wrote about how although it would certainly feel good to travel back to a time when you still had someone, it would be better to stay in the present.  I understand why some people would want to go back, and I cannot begin to blame them.  In fact, the short story which I found so interesting actually mentioned how the author wished to go back in time ” just one minute”(paragraph 9).  In this particular example, the author would be wanting to back for the purpose of seeing their significant other.

By including this short detail of wanting to go back, the author can display human emotion, which will undoubtedly make for a better story.  Regardless of what the story may be about, when told from a personal angle, it always seems to captivate us more thoroughly.  Being able to relate to characters in literature is necessary for our psychological and emotional comprehension of said literature.  When we read a story about unusual people living unconventional lives and possessing a generally unorthodox belief for life in comparison to our own, we have a lack of relatability with those characters.  In contradiction to the aforementioned abnormalities, interpreting a literary work containing characters similar to us, with lifestyles and beliefs comparable to our own, a superior sense of relatability and humanity with those characters can be established.  And for this reason; the story having characters that can be related to is an additional defining circumstance that makes the story exceptional.

We encounter good literature essentially every day.  This literature may be surrounding various subjects that we are enthusiastic about.  Good literature we encounter daily may be reflective of our own works and writings.  Or, more commonly encountered, a good piece of literature might be exceptional due to its abundance of emotion and understandability.  This piece of literature was exceptional for all of these reasons.