Identify a Good Read

Do you have a dream that you had since you were younger? Well if you do this story is very interesting. The story that I picked was “Is it Ever Too Late to Pursue a Dream?” This story was interesting because as teenagers lots of us have dreams that we have had since we were younger and lots of those dreams we still have. 

There was a quote from the story that said: “If I’m not talented enough, I can live with that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to put the effort  to be the best player that I can be.”(4) I really like this because sometimes we give up on our dreams because we think that we can do it and so it makes us think that we can do it. If more of us thought this way, lots of our dreams would/ could have come true but lots of us don’t think that way. Lots of the people on the team were very happy and supportive of him but there was one person who at first didn’t like him. He thought he was too old to be playing with a college team, but even though there was that negativity, Stoddard never gave up and continued to push himself. When people discourage us or don’t agree with us, lots of people will give up because someone didn’t like what they were doing, but if more people had the courage to stand up for what they want and not get put down after one person says something negative about what they are doing then lots more people would have accomplished many of their dreams. 

In one paragraph he’s talking about how lots of people say age is just a number, his words to this are “So what if it happened at forty-two? Who gives a shit. I’ve always said age is a number, but that’s bullshit. We all know it’s old, especially when it comes to basketball.” (14) lots of people need to notice that even though he’s forty-one and that’s getting old anyone can still do whatever they want when they are getting older. So that means if someone is forty-five and wants to play volleyball go for it. No one is stopping you, people might discourage you but if you let it go through one ear then out the other it won’t stop you from doing what you want. When I am forty-one I hope that I am still doing the things I love to do and I’m not letting anyone stop me from doing what I love to do. 

I picked this story because when I was younger I did things that no other seven-year-old did. When I was seven and the typhoon hit the Philippines I felt the need to help those people who lost many things. So I told my mom what I wanted to do. I came up with the idea to do a supper and have a talent show. I raised 36,00 dollars and I sent it all away to the Red Cross to help everyone in the Philippines. When I was planning it, I had many people who were saying that a seven-year-old couldn’t do things like that but when people would say things like that then it just made me push harder to do it. On the day that I had it, the weather wasn’t the best, it was raining and storming outside but I still had a good turnout and lots of people showed up. I was so happy when I proved all of those people who said I couldn’t do it wrong and lots of those people came and talked to me and admitted that they were wrong. So where I am going with this is that even when people told me that I couldn’t do something, it made me push harder so then I could prove all of those people wrong. This is like what Stoddard said because he never gave up and people’s discouragement just made him work harder to achieve this goal.

In conclusion, the reason why I liked this story is that Stoddard never gave up and he pushed himself so that he could prove everybody wrong. This relates to me and I told my story about when I was seven and how people said that a seven-year-old couldn’t have wanted to do this but those comments were just encouragement.  I related to this story because of how he pushed himself to do what he wanted and didn’t let anyone stop him from pursuing his dreams. That is why I chose “Is It Ever too Late to Pursue a Dream?” Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t do something and then you ended up proving them wrong?

Time Travel

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to see how different things were? Well, I would love to do that. When time travel is possible then the three places that I would like to go is back to the Renaissance period, I would also like to go ahead of time about 20 years just to see how life is, and the last thing is that I would like to go back to when my parents were younger. 

I would like to go to the Renaissance period because learning about it was so interesting and I want to see how the world was when all of this stuff was happening. I would like to see the difference between the middle ages and then the modern days because there is a big difference between them. Lots of the paintings and everything about art had a huge change and didn’t look the same after things changed from going from the Middle ages and going to the Modern days. 

The second place that I would like to go is about twenty years ahead just so I could see what is going to happen in the future. I would like to see this so then I have some clue of what’s going to happen later on in life and I won’t be very surprised when something huge happens. I want to see what life is going to be like, not just in my life but also in the whole world. I want to know what we have in store for all of this generation in about twenty years. If we go ahead about twenty years then we will have a bit of a clue of what is going to happen and some of the things that are going to change. I want to see where my life will be in twenty years. I want to see if I’m in a relationship, or still in school or what’s happening in my life. I want to know what kind of job I will end up with and who I am going to spend the rest of my life with. In twenty years lots of things can change some good and some bad, but everything will get better if things aren’t the best.  One thing that I would like to see really bad is Iphones. Right now the Iphones are pretty big but in twenty years they could change completely. 

Since I have gone ahead about twenty years I would like to go back to when my parents were younger. Do you ever hear your parents say “back in my day…”? Well, don’t you ever wonder what it was really like back in their day? Well with time travel being a real thing, you would be able to see what happened when they were younger. My parents always talk about how when they were a kid they did this or they didn’t do that. Like if I say something that I did then they would say when I was a kid I never did that or I always listened to my parents when really they were a bad kid.  I always wonder what things would be like when my mom and dad were kids. I think about what kind of things that they did as fun activities, I wonder how they got to school because I have heard stories that they had to climb over hills and walk miles and miles to get to school and home. Lots of time parents just say that so then the kids think that their parents had a hard life but lots of time the school was right across the street from them or they had a car. Out of all of the three places that I would want to go back to see what my parent’s life was like as a kid. In my opinion, when parents talk about their past it is very interesting. When my mom was younger she didn’t have the best life but I want to see what it was like. My mom always talks about how when she was younger her mom was never home and that her parents got divorced and after that, her mom wasn’t the best mom. I wouldn’t want to live that life but I want to see what it was like. My dad hardly talks about when he was younger because most of the time he just played sports.  

So if time travel was a thing I would love to go to the Renaissance so that I could see all of the art and sculptures change from the Middle Ages going to the Modern days. I would like to go ahead  about twenty years so that I could see what life has in store for us. I want to see if I am in a relationship, what kind of job I have and where I am living. The last place that I want to go is back to when my parents were younger, I want to see how their life was compared to what they make it sound like. So if time travel was a real thing, those are the top three places that I would go. Where would you go? 


Do you ever wish that you could be somewhere else? Well if you said yes then where would you go first? Well if I could go anywhere I would like to be Mexico because it is hot there, I would want to go to my bed after so then I could escape the cold once I get back, then the last place I would like to go is Tokyo. 

I would like to go to Mexico because the first thing it’s hot there. Right now it’s not that cold here but in Mexico, it’s way warmer. In Mexico right now it’s plus 24 and in Alberta, it is minus 4, so there is a big difference in temperatures. You could go and sit on the beach and you could get tanned. In Mexico, there are a lot of things that you could do like swimming in the ocean, going fishing, sitting by the pool, going on tours,  and even just reading a book on the ocean. These are all things that I like doing when I go to Mexico. 

After I go to Mexico, I would like to go home to my nice warm bed because after being in a place that’s hotter than plus 30 and then coming home to minus 30 weather it gets a little cold because you are used to the warm weather. I would like to be in my bed because you could sleep all day, binge watch tv shows that you want to watch, and even play video games. I want to do this because after a long busy day in Mexico and with the time change you will have to catch up on your sleep because you can’t go to school tired! 

The last place I would like to go to after I am all rested is Tokyo. I would like to go there because it is so beautiful and there are so many things you could do. Since I haven’t been there then one of the things that I would like to do is sightseeing, there are so many cool things that you can see when you are there. Some of those things that would be cool to see are the cherry blossom trees. Those are what I would look forward to most because I have seen pictures of them and they are one of the beautiful things that I would like to see. I would like to go to Hamarikyu Gardens because it is so pretty there. 

So if I could time travel I would go to Mexico and relax on the beaches, after Mexico I want to be in my bed and after that, it would be to go to Tokyo.

Three Songs

Have you ever heard a song over and over again and still haven’t gotten sick of it? Well, there are three songs that I can hear all the time, over and over again and still not get sick of it. Those songs are Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs, Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, and Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. I will give examples of why they are the top three songs that I could never get sick of. 

 The first song I will talk about is Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs. I listen to this song every time I am in the car and we always blast it. When I hear this song, I am most likely with my mom and sister as my dad only likes old country songs. I love this song so much because I think that it is such a sweet song and it means so much to loved ones. This song came out in 2017 and since then it has been my favorite song and that’s why it is my first choice. It was not very hard for me to think about this song because when I think of my three favorite songs then this song pops into my head first. 

 The second song that I chose is Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker. Every time I hear this song I am most likely with my dad when it comes on than me and him will turn up the music as loud as it can go and we sing as loud as we can to it. This is definitely a song that I like to sing with my dad because when I was younger as I would be having a nap then he would put on this song and he would sit beside my bed when it was bedtime and he would sing to me. I would always fall asleep when this song came on and that’s why I think it was the second song that I thought of. This song came out in 2013  and since then it has always given me a great memory of things that have happened when I am with my dad. 

 The third song that I chose was Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. When my sister and I were younger and both still did dance, we did a duet to this song dedicated to my dad. When we performed it, I could see him in the front row and I could see that he was crying as me and my sister were dancing. Since then it has sat in my heart and every time I hear it, I remember about the dance. Right now when I hear it I start to tear up because of things that are happening right now but I know soon it will go back to normal and I will start to remember the dance.

 The reasons why I picked these songs were because with Beautiful Crazy, it reminds me of my family and how much someone could love another person, with Wagon Wheel, it makes me happy knowing that I have a special song that I always hear when I am with him, and with Butterfly Kisses, even though it has a sad memory at the same time it is happy. With these songs that I picked, all of them have some sort of sentimental meaning to them and makes me think of my family and loved ones. Two of the songs my family and I  always listen to in the car and always blast it. These songs mean so much to me and they all have a different meaning, some of the meanings are sad and some we have fun with, but even the sad meanings I still could never get sick of them. 





All of these poems are connected because all of them talk about the earth and things that live on it.  The first poem talks about the universe and how everything we do affects the world.  The second poem that I did was Hunch, it talks about how we follow and we do what we think is right. In this case, the snail is what we are following and what we are doing. The one line that I chose was “I wonder where the snail will go today” I like this line because it shows that we know to do what is right. I also like it because every day we don’t know what unexpected things will happen and so it’s like every day is a new adventure that we are going to go on.  The last poem that I did, was probably my favorite out of the three that I did. It talked about how we need to trust people and if we don’t then we aren’t strong. Most days, people tell us that we have to be strong, the word ablaze means fiercely.  Everyday we get told to be strong and things like that and so this poem relates a lot to everyday life.