Mars Base 2050

Dear John,

You have been chosen to start making a settlement on Mars, if you accept, you will have to do a journal everyday that you are there, you will write about activities that you do durning the day, expirences, and how your veiw on life has changed.

Thank you,


” Wow, this is such a huge life experience that I don’t know if I can handle. Hi, my name is John, I am 25 years old and live in Edmonton Alberta, and I had this amazing opportunity to go to Mars and try and make a settlement.”

” It all started on July 15, 2050,  I got the letter that asked me to go to Mars. At first I didn’t want to go, but after a couple of days of thinking I thought that it would be a good experience.”

Day 1

Today all I did was starting to travel up to Mars. It is so cool and I never thought that I would have this experience. I’m so happy that I said yes to doing this because if I said no I feel like I would be very mad at myself. The only thing that’s has really happened is that I saw an a group of aliens. They were flying by as I was heading there. That is the only interesting thing that has happened so far.


Day 2

I am starting to get a bit lonely. I have reached Mars and right now I’m starting to regret coming. I think that I am going to go crazy after the seven day Mars settlement. Today my job is to start building houses. While I was building the house that my family was going to live in if this Mars settlement works. I hope that all my work actually works out because if it doesn’t then all my work doesn’t go to waste.

Day 3

I finished building one house and I am told I have to build three houses while I’m here. Being here has made me feel like I can achieve anything because I am the only one here and I have all the responsibility to make Mars a settlement and for people. Well I got to get some sleep so that I can build tomorrow.


Day 4

So today I got a little board and so I went for an adventure. I saw lots of cool things like my old alien friends, an ufo, and a lot of cool things. I didn’t even start building another house because I was to busy exploring space and everything around Mars. I have three more days until I have to go back home. I am kind of happy that I am leaving soon but I am kind of sad to leave. I am happy to leave because I am getting lonely, and I am sad to leave because this has been such a cool experience.


Day 5

Today I had to build the last house. This house I am putting a lot of time into because I want the last house to be the best house that is on Mars. I can’t wait to go home and see my kids and my wife and spend time with my friends. Today has been a long today of hard working and that hasn’t happened to me in a long time. I usually don’t get tired of doing a little bit of work but this is a lot of work for me to do in one day. Only two more days left until I get to go home and sleep in my own bed.

Day 6

This is my last day on Mars. I am very happy to be able to go home and see my friends and family. Today is the only day that I have nothing to do and so I got ready to go home. I had to clean up the spaceship and pickup all of my tools. Well I think I am going to go to bed because I have to stay up the whole way home. Goodnight!

Day 7

HOME TIME!!!! I am so happy to be going home. I left this morning at 5:30 and I will be home at 3 that’s in one hour! Ugh I can’t wait to be home. I have arrived safely at home. My kids were really happy to see me. I’m so happy to be home.

Dear John,

How was your experience going to Mars? From all of your journal entries I could tell you had a good time. I bet you are glad to be back.



Dear Pete,,

I had a blast in Mars, I am happy to be home but it was a great experience. I hope in the next years the Mars settlement will happen and there will be people living on Mars.

Yours truly,


Hero’s Journey

I chose the movie Moana as the hero’s journey. I chose this movie because when Moana was a baby she would always go out to the sea, whenever she would go to the sea her dad would stop her, and when she finally left to go find Maui then she never gave up.

The first part is the call of adventure. When Moana was a baby she would walk down to the beach and she would sit at the ocean. One day, while she was at the ocean, shells kept coming to shore and so she would go and pick them up, as she would pick them up she started going further and further into the ocean but the water was making a path for her to go into the ocean, it was like the ocean was calling her to do something. After she got quite a bit of shell’s they stopped showing up, and she looked around and there was a whole bunch of fish and a turtle that was swimming around her, when she looked straight again, she saw something green floating over towards her, she reached into the water to grab it and turns out it was the heart of Tafiti.  When she had it in her hand it was like a sign that she was the one who was supposed to return it, but since she was so young her dad came looking for her and as the ocean was bringing her back to shore, she dropped the heart and it was never seen again until she was old enough to sail by herself.

Whenever she would go to the ocean, her dad would always stop her because he didn’t want her to get hurt or lose someone that she loved just the way he did when he was younger, so Moana wasn’t allowed to go sailing or even go into the ocean without someone near.  One day when Moana was older, she snuck out of her room and went with her pet pig to the shore and put a boat into the water. Even though she wasn’t allowed, she hopped onto the boat and sailed off to try and return the heart. No one noticed that she was gone until morning and during the night she hit a terrible storm that destroyed her boat and she ended up on an island that she noticed that there was someone there. The person who was there is Maui, he came out of his “cave” and scared Moana. He then picked her up because she was trying to get him to go and out the heart back but then he picked her up and put her into his cave and put a rock in front of it.

This part was the part where Maui and Moana finally met. She then got out of the cave and then she got him onto the boat. As they were going to return the heart, once they got closer than they hit another storm but this storm was a God and not just a natural storm. They got passed it and then they saw where they had to put the heart.  Moana sent Maui to do it because he is the only one who is able to return the heart because he was the one who took it in the first place.

This movie shows a hero’s journey because at first, she had a normal life, then she got called to the ocean and got the heart, then her dad stopped her, then she finally left to find Maui. That’s why I chose this movie.

Dream House

Have you ever thought of the future and what it would look like? Where you will live, what kind of house you will have and just in general what your house will look like. I haven’t thought about that but if I had to choose I would be a two-story looking house.  I want a big house but not over the top.  The backyard needs to be big, and I want a newer house so then we know that there is nothing wrong with anything.

I want a two-story house that is decent in size when I am older because then I will have lots of room for things to go when I have kids and just for the odd things around the house.  I want the rooms to be pretty big so then the kids have a lot of room to play and have room for friends when they come over.

The second thing that would be nice is a big backyard. I would want a big backyard because then in the summer there is room for plants and still enough room to play out there. I would also like a pool in the backyard that is built into the ground so then we don’t have to worry about putting it away in the wintertime.  It would be nice to have a big deck so then we can sit out there and eat supper in the summertime and have friends over and sit out there. It would be so nice to have all the backyard space so that we don’t have to worry about not having enough space in the yard for a dog, and kids.

The third thing is that I want the house to be either just renovated fully or is new. I don’t want a house that is old and may have problems with it. I want a house that is ready to move into when we want to move into it and has enough space for everything.

In conclusion, for my dream house, I would like it to be a  two-story house, with a big backyard, pool, and a big deck so that there is room for a BBQ and a seating area, and the last thing is that I want the house to be newly renovated or a new house that has only had one other family live in it.

Dream Car

Do you have your learners? If you do you are a step closer to being able to drive on your own.  Have you thought about what kind of car you want to have as your first car? Well, the car that I want would have to be a 2020 Buick Encore GX.  The reason why I want a Buick is that my sister has one and when I drive hers then I love how smooth it drives.  The second reason why I want one because it’s not too big and it’s not too small. I don’t like driving trucks and I found that out last week, I find them too big and I think its because I am short and so I need the seat really close to the steering wheel for me to be able to see over the dash and the last reason why is that they are just a nice car in general. The last reason why I like it is that it would be nice to have a newer car and one that will last for a while.

Whenever I drive my sisters Buick I don’t want to stop driving it.  When I am on the highways it’s just so smooth, even though the roads aren’t smooth it drives so good. I love to drive it even if it’s just to go into town I sill always ask her if I can drive. Even though most of the time she will say no because it’s her “baby” I still ask and sometimes if she doesn’t want to drive then I will ask then she doesn’t care because then she doesn’t have to drive. I have been driving it a lot in the last couple of days because my mom and sister got in an accident and so they are too sore to drive and whenever I drive it then it makes me want one more and more.

The second reason why I want one is that it’s not too big and it’s not too small. I can still fit four other people in it and we will all have a lot of room. This past weekend I drove a ram truck that my grandpa called Clifford, I didn’t like driving it because it was too big.  I think the reason why I didn’t like driving it was because I am so short if I can’t see over the dash then I don’t like it.

The last reason why I like it is that its a new car and I know it will be reliable. If I get a car like my sister first had, it had so many problems and every other week it was in the shop. So that proved that it wasn’t a very reliable car.  This car that I want will be more reliable so that means it will most likely last longer than a used car.

That is why I would like the  2020 Buick Encore GX because first of all, it drives very smoothly down highways, it’s not too big and it’s not top small it has just enough room for everyone that I want to bring places, and third, it would be a reliable car. That is why I want a Buick.


Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World #5

The one line that I did was “Keep your face to the sunshine so you cannot see the shadow.”

I like this line because it is saying when you are going through things in life, don’t look back at everything that has happened, you need to stay looking forward.  I think this is a really good quote because when people go through a rough time in their life, most people will turn back to what has happened to them in the past, but people shouldn’t do that or they shouldn’t look back at there shadow. We need to focus on the present and not the past.  If we keep looking at our shadow, no one will get anywhere in life because we are just looking back at our shadow and we aren’t looking where we are going.  instead, we are looking backward to see what our shadows are doing, we need to be looking at the sunshine that is so bright that we forget about our shadow. If we keep looking at the sunshine, we will eventually forget about our shadow.

This quote has so much power even though it is only one line. People could also look at this quote since it is so short people could think that when someone says something that, even though it was one word it could still hurt the person that you said it to.

This quote has lots of meaning and that it all depends on how people look at life. This could be anything about life and things that happen in life. The way that I look at it is that when things get hard then we can’t keep turning back to the dark things that has happened in the past and that we need to keep looking forward to the good things in life.

I really liked this because it relates to my life and what is happening in it right now. When people do things that aren’t right then we most likely cant forget or forgive because we keep looking at the shadow instead of the sunshine.  I know that it’s hard to look at the sunshine all the time and not turn back to the shadow, but when you keep looking at the sunshine no matter what happens then you will be able to move on faster and forgive that person.  That’s why I liked that quote ” keep your face to the sunshine so you cannot see the shadow.”