Who Am I Motivations

My primary motivation is support. That means I need someone to agree with or approve of something I do, sometimes showing approval or support through action. To give help or assistance to someone. To promote interests or causes. My secondary motivation is relationships. This is to have an emotional or some other connection between people.… Continue reading Who Am I Motivations

Who Am I Knowledge

My top subject area is social science, this is followed by language arts and physical education. Social Science courses can help gain a better understanding of the society we live in and views of other societies around the world. Some topics are History, Geography, Law and Politics. English courses help develop English language skills and… Continue reading Who Am I Knowledge

Who Am I Interest

My interests are CI or in other words the investigator. it states that my interest type is highly inquisitive, organized and enjoys observing fine details. Im also said to be an enthusiastic puzzle solver, I like the challenge of collecting and analyzing information. Investigators value accuracy, and are very good at both creating and following… Continue reading Who Am I Interest

Who Am I Personality

My personality type is ENTJ (The Fieldmarshal). Some characteristics that I have include my energy type witch is extraverted witch means I’m an outgoing and expressive person. My way of gathering information is by intuition, or in other sense, understanding something immediately without reasoning. I do my decision making by thinking verses feeling and am… Continue reading Who Am I Personality

Who Am I Learning Styles

I am a visual learner which means I learn by seeing, and possibly take numerous notes along with visualizing things to help with my memories. Some study techniques I can use are highlighting key ideas in my notes, using graphing organizers, turning concepts into charts and diagrams. I could pause and create a mental image… Continue reading Who Am I Learning Styles