Who Am I Knowledge

My top subject area is social science, this is followed by language arts and physical education. Social Science courses can help gain a better understanding of the society we live in and views of other societies around the world. Some topics are History, Geography, Law and Politics. English courses help develop English language skills and gain a deeper understanding of literature. some topics include Reading, Writing and Communication. Physical Education courses help you understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. some topics for this is, Sports, Wellness and Health Sciences. the career thats supposedĀ  to go well with this is Human Services. This cluster involves working with families, individuals, couples and communities. It includes helping people manage issues through counseling and mental health services, family and community services, and personal care. this job doesn’t seem to terrible but i would prefer something else. some other occupations listed were, family social worker, political scientist, and sociologist. these careers are not to bad and I wouldn’t be upset doing them but then again I would definitely prefer becoming a lawyer or something in law.

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