Wednesday 9th February 2022

by hsalame

“MOVE YOUR BUTTS!” Coach yelled at us while we scrimmaged for practice. The big game was tomorrow and everyone was very anxious for it. Just thinking about it put my stomach into knots. We went over it all, foul shots, lay ups, passing, and inbounds to make sure we wouldn’t mess up. My whole body ached once I got home, from the fear of our game and from practice. All I wanted to do was sleep. 

The next day I felt more energized, but still I was sore. I was hyped up for our game. The adrenaline was like a life source, running down the court with the ball and making a jaw dropping shot. Since I left the house I’ve practiced shooting whatever I could. When I finished my apple I shot it into the garbage, “BOOM NOTHING BUT NET!” I screamed while the teacher gave me a glare for disturbing the class. 

In school I was swerving up and down the hallway to practice my moves and got passed everyone. They may have been trying to dodge me too but it’s the thought that counts I kept going over my stuff to make sure I got everything for the game. Later I grabbed a pack of skittles and threw them up in the air one by one to catch them in my mouth. In the corner of my eye I saw a paper towel roll. 

i thought It would be sick if I could toss it into the whole. I was about 10-15 feet away from it. I eyed up my shot, got my arm set for a good powerful shot and then I let her go. I watched it flout, practically in slow motion and it sunk right in. “NO WAY I JUST DID THAT!” my friend who was watching from a distance started hyping me up. I felt confident for the game, I was ready to win this. 

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